Obama Endorses Dirty Hillary

Was anyone surprised by this?

Can you imagine the two of them up on the stage together? There they are, waving to you, the Architects of Your Misery.

Do you recognize, as every conscious America does, that America has been “fundamentally transformed” — as Obama promised that he would — in the last eight years, into a place of uncertainty, of doubt and dread?

There they are: the One! and her Hillariness… the ones who did it to you. To us. to America, and therefore to the world.

And that moron, Hillary Clinton, wants to keep doing it to us all. If we elect her, then we have no excuse. America is becoming a dump. And it’s our fault. We elected Obama. And now we threaten to elect Hillary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton!

What on earth is she doing at the top of the ticket of a major political party in America?!? The land of the once-free and the home of those who once were brave enough to speak real truth to power. At least we were 240 years ago or so.

Well, you and I really know why all that is: The Democrat Party is nothing more than a major organized crime syndicate masquerading as a political party. Of course they’d nominate, a corrupt, dirty, lying fraud of a charlatan to lead it!

— xPraetorius

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