It’s Worth Repeating

We haven’t done one of these features — an “It’s Worth Repeating” piece — in a while.

In this case, we’re going to bring you one of our own features. It’s here.

This was a scathing “NPR Watch” feature; one of our regular series  in which we report on the myriad whack-a-doodle jackasseries in which the reactionary troglodytes at National Public Radio are awash, and which they believe we all need to hear.

Written way back in March of 2014, the above-linked feature focused on one of NPR’s “Climate Change” pieces, and it contains pithy bon mot after pithy bon mot. It was written under the pen of “xPraetorius,” but really came from a regular contributor anxious to preserve his/her anonymity.

This particular contributor really knows how to turn a phrase, and to skewer the eminently skewer-able dolts over at NPR.


— xPraetorius

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