NPR Watch – 6/2/16 – Trump Punches Back

I was listening to National Public Radio this morning on the way in to work, and one of the announcers did a promo, the text of which was something like: “The press dig into Donald Trump and he punches back.”


So many thoughts about that! The first, and most obvious, is the contrast with the towering lack of curiosity on the part of the press as regards the life and dealings of a certain Senator from Illinois running for President back in 2007-’08, one Barack Obama.

Do you realize that the only indication that we have that Obama actually graduated from Columbia University is Obama’s say-so? Since everything else Obama’s ever said has turned out later to have been ummmm… not true, don’t you think that this might occasion some curiosity on the part of the press? Nope.

Now, though, we must know every little thing about Trump! We must know every little thing about his finances, about all the business deals he’s ever done, about every relationship he’s ever had!!!

Guess what: I agree. We should know all that. However, we should have known all that about Obama too. And we should know all that about Hillary Clinton.

Look: Dirty Hillary has already done all manner of sleaze that, if she were a Republican, would have disqualified her from running for so much as local dog catcher, but the press are all “ho hum” about it.  The Cattle Futures caper, Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation, the private e-mail disgrace… all would have disqualified her long ago… if she were a Republican.

Same with now two-term former President Bill Clinton. The affairs, the mere allegation of rape, the proven accusations of sexual misconduct both in the Oval office and out, Whitewater, and more.

The Clintons are the sleaziest first couple ever to land in the highest office in the land in the 20th Century. And that’s a tall order. After all they, were preceded by the John Kennedy’s and the Lyndon Johnson’s (though that is no reflection on Mrs. Kennedy or Mrs. Johnson, both of whom seemed mostly untainted by the corruption in which their husbands were deeply enmired.)

Trump sees the Clinton’s get clean away with some of the sleaziest sludge in American history, then he sees the press coming after him. The New York Times does a hit piece — front page! — about all of Trump’s less-than-savory interactions with women. They demand to see his finances. Can you even imagine what a detailed analysis of the Clintons’ finances would reveal?!?

This is a couple that went from merely wealthy at the end of Bill Clinton’s two terms, to heights of wealth that even the very, very rich can only dream of. In a decade. That’s high-end hedge fund money!

Numerous hedge funds and mega-banks paid each of the Clintons a quarter of a million bucks(!) for an hour long speech! What on earth does anyone think that Hillary or Bill Clinton could tell anyone that would be (1) all that surprising or revealing, or (2) worth a quarter of a million bucks?

Does anyone even remotely think that any of those companies took the information from a Hillary Clinton or a Bill Clinton speech, and used it to make all that money back and more?

Wow, it would sure be fun to read the text of those speeches! To see what these mega-rich people were so sure would be such precious wisdom, that they were willing to fork over Two Hundred and Fifth Thousand FREAKIN’ Dollars for it!

But, then, you and I both know that all those piles of money weren’t given to the Clintons to “buy wisdom.” It was used to buy influence. Period. And you and I know that we’ll never get to read any of those speeches. And why? Simple: because the press aren’t demanding it of her.

So, Trump sees the press ignoring obvious, in-your-face corruption, lies, contradictions, hypocrisy on the part of the Clintons, in order to dig deep into his own life and money. What do you think he should do?

Well, I think that he should do just what he’s doing. Punch back and punch hard.

I’ve been advocating — for a very long time —  that Republicans do the very same thing. Republicans, and Conservatives, have always said, “No, no, no… we must take the high road! We can’t sink to the depths to which they sink!” And I’m all about that — if  it works. However, this is not checkers.

Taking the high road in a pitched battle in which your opponents are doing nothing but cheat, lie, slander, libel, defame, steal, defraud and scam their way to victory … does not work. But we keep bringing checker boards to the knife and gun fights that the Democrats and the press initiate.

The Democrats, and their accomplices in the press, have been lying by omission and commission for decades, and it’s long, long, long past time that the Republicans call them on it.

I distinctly don’t like Trump. My worst fear is that, like Obama, he’s not remotely what he claims to be. However, he is teaching us all about how to deal with the press. The press are not the Noble Seekers of the Truth that they claim to be. Rather they’re (generally) power/publicity/fame-hungry, egotistical nitwits.

They ignore the blatant corruption of scoundrels, knaves, blackguards and clodoples who happen to hold the same ideological beliefs as they, and they slander, libel, smear and ruin good people, who hold a different ideological viewpoint, and about whom they find or fabricate the nit-pickiest trivial hint of a whiff of something that just might be slightly amiss.

The press are cheap, cowardly, schoolyard bullies. Bullies, generally, tend to run crying to mommy when you “hit back.”

Don’t take the corruption of the press lying down. Hit back. When they’re sleazy, call them sleazy. When they’re corrupt (Katie Couric for example, the New York Times for example — the list is long, and the incidents are many and egregious), call them corrupt. When they lie — either by omission or by commission — call them liars.

Whether you like Trump or not, Republicans, learn from him!

— xPraetorius

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