Trump – A Study in Contradictions

I have to admit: I do not like the idea of having Donald Trump as the titular head of the political party I see as closest to my own ideology.

Honesty, though, compels me to admit also that I really like a whole lot of what he does and says. For example: this latest thing about whether he got enough money to veterans’ organizations quickly enough.

Brief digression: I used to say of my ex-wife that if I were one day to give her a check for $10 million, she’d immediately say, “Why isn’t it $20 million?” That’s what the press are doing. Only, they’re adding: “And, why wasn’t it sooner?”

What did Trump do? He called one of the ABC reporters a “sleaze,” or something to that effect. Well, the complaints about Trump not giving enough, and not doing it on the reporters’ preferred timeline is sleazy. Profoundly, deeply, underhanded and … sleazy.

Look. Trump is sleazy, but he’s smoking out the sleazeballs in the press as easily as you or I might brush lint off a shirt.

In the previous Presidential election cycle, Newt Gingrich smoked out and exposed the media sleaze in bold, clear terms. He did it in a way that made me post this.

The media are wordsmiths. They could transform the cure for cancer that you might discover into a bad thing. If you were to cure the common cold, eliminate childhood illness and end poverty — but if you were a Republican — somehow you’d end up being the greatest evil since Hitler. That’s the media. Gingrich exposed all that, and now Trump is doing so too.

Still, let’s face it: Trump is a big fat jerk.

And he’s a great, fun, generous, nice guy. All at once.

You can find millions who say the first thing, about Trump being a big, fat jerk, and thousands, who know him, to say the second. Both are probably true.

One thing is definitely true: Trump has no edit function. You know, that thing that makes you think twice, then a third time, before you say something out loud? There’s something extremely refreshing in someone with no edit function. In that way, at least, Trump is the anti-Obama.

Is there anything at all that Obama’s ever said that actually meant anything? Obama ran for President as an unabashed, America-lovin’ centrist. He’s governed as an America-loathing, European-Socialism-lovin’ extreme leftist.

Obama talks, talks, talks about all the things that Americans love, and of which they’re justifiably proud: free markets, individual liberties, individual independence, taking responsibility… his acts demonstrate that he hates all those things.

Bottom line: Is there anything that Obama has ever said that hasn’t been either gawrshawful stupid, or just a flat-out lie?

Trump, though, seems to gather what’s on his mind, bull right through that ol’ edit function, and dump it all out over whoever and whatever is in front of him. Whether it’s true, false, patently flapdoodle, or something else.

Yes, that can be refreshing, but it’s scary too.  After all, how will the International Association of Psychotics, Neurotics and Wackos (IntAPNeW?) aka: “the world community” react to it? Who knows?

Might a whack-job like Kim Jong Un light off one of those nuclear missiles that Obama allowed him to obtain? Who knows?

Would the brain-dead, half-witted, gibbering baboons atop the Iranian régime light off one of their nuclear missiles — you know, the ones Obama allowed them to obtain?  — and send it to Israel? Who know?

Might Russia’s power-besotted Vladimir Putin — sensing an American President who won’t be the pantywaist clodpole that Obama is — decide just to go in and take the rest of Ukraine, just to test Trump’s resolve? Oh, and the Baltic States and Poland too? Who knows?

Might the xenophobic, insecure, primitives in China, who are deeply worried about Trump’s nationalistic rhetoric, decide to shoot the works and move to extend their hegemony militarily over the South China Sea? Who knows?

Unpredictable psychos really dislike unpredictability in others.

What is a nearly sure thing: Just as Trump has smoked out the sleaze in the American media, you can be sure that a Trump Presidency would smoke out the intentions of the IntAPNeW!

Here’s the next thing, just to add some cheerfulness to this frightening picture: Hillary Clinton, the aptly-named “Crooked Hillary(1) will do the same thing!

All the nightmare scenarios you were every worried about in international affairs , you can be sure that Hillary will just make them happen. She’s a doltish woman, possessed of a profoundly, deeply, comprehensively stoooopid-as-a-fencepost ideology.

Hillary’d be really good at doing really stupid things.

And the media would do for her as they’ve done for Obama these past nearly eight years: cover, dissemble, lie, cover some more. All while pretending that it’s such a great, and historic and meaningful thing to elect a woman President, as opposed to a good one.

Don’t kid yourself, the IntAPNeW is fervently hoping and praying for a Clinton victory. Just as they did for an Obama victory. They understand that a Clinton (or Sanders,(2) really) victory is a big, bold green light to every bloodthirsty, power-mad, psychotic wacko in a position of world leadership, to go out there and do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to.

Hold onto your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

— xPraetorius


(1) Though, we named her “Dirty Hillary” quite a while ago.

(2) Not all that surprisingly for those who’ve been paying any attention at all, an indictment of Clinton could result in an avowed half-wit, errr, I mean “socialist” (but, I repeat myself) being the standard-bearer for the Democrat Party in a Presidential election.



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