Why Trump, Sanders, Clinton?

Bottom line: Ask yourself how America’s voting public as a whole would do on a comprehensive civics test, covering a distillation of the knowledge vital to being an informed voter.

Do a little thought exercise with me: Imagine that a left-wing civics professor and a right-wing civics professor each concoct a civics test consisting of 100 questions. The assignment to the professors: formulate your 100 questions so as to cover, as much as possible, the knowledge that each professor considers vital to being an informed citizen of the republic.

Now, imagine taking that quiz. How would you do?

Now imagine assigning the completion of that 200-question exam to every registered voter, and to those who plan to vote, in America. How do you think America’s voting public as a whole would do? No need to answer the question to me, but do try to do an assessment for yourself.

As we mentioned in a previous piece, Democrat voters tend to be blithering, drooling, slack-jawed, witless, reactionary, cretins. Democrat voters would be lucky to get five correct out of the 200 questions.

The good news, though: Per our estimate, Republican voters are easily ten times as intelligent, informed, knowledgeable as Democrat voters.

The bad news: Ten times more intelligent than a blithering, drooling, slack-jawed, witless, reactionary, cretin … is still abysmally bad.

Now, juxtapose all that with the stories we hear regularly about residents of Florida who are unable to find Florida on a map of Florida, and you begin to figure out the answer to the haunting question: “Why Trump, Sanders, Clinton?”

— xPraetorius



4 thoughts on “Why Trump, Sanders, Clinton?

  1. I’ll play your game, X. 100 Questions? I’m good with that, but since the average attention span of anyone under 40 is roughly 30 seconds… I know… I’m being optomistic… Should we limit is to 20? Also, Is there a dead date we have to have this completed by?

  2. Lol! I have great confidence that you’d be able to do just fine on the quiz.

    You’re also, I might add, likely not a “typical Democrat voter.” 🙂

    I’m tempted to come up with the quiz myself to see who bites.


    — x

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