The Headline at MarketWatch is: “Bernie Sanders is making Democrats look stupid”

Bottom Line: Bernie Sanders is doing nothing more than accelerating the Democrat Party on the path it’s long been following already: to becoming a collection of authoritarian, meddling, busy-bodying, control freaks, regulating, manipulating and riding herd on every moment of every day for the people of a once great, once free country.

The essay at (not, I might add, a right-wing web site by any means!) is here.

Welllllll…the headline is sorta true.

Everything’s been making the Democrats look stupid — and for a lot of decades. For some reason, though, increasingly more Americans have been taking their whack-a-doodle nitwittery perfectly seriously — for decades. 

Bernie Sanders is just making the Democrats — and especially their voters — look extra stupid. Beyond what you might have imagined possible

The problem: Republican voters decided to try to be as stupid as the Democrats this go-round.

Here’s a sad truth: Probably one Democrat voter in a hundred (if that) could speak sufficiently intelligently on the issues, to be said to be qualified to vote. That number on the Republican side is probably 10 out of a hundred.

As I’ve been saying for a very, very long time, Republican voters are a lot more intelligent than Democrat voters. In fact, about ten times more intelligent. The grave problem this country faces is that neither number — one in a hundred or 10 in a hundred — is remotely close to high enough to allow our democracy to survive.

Our country could survive with an electorate where, say, 75% of  voters are sufficiently informed to be qualified to pull a lever in a voting booth with a clear conscience — but not where that number is less than 10%.

The above-linked piece at MarketWatch has a lot of good points. The author, one Tim Mullaney, goes off the rails in places, but says some other good things. Here’s one:

Sanders promotes a vision of America that disdains capitalism, ties itself to loony-tunes supporters who praise Castro’s Cuba for a “revolution in values,” tweet that a single warm Christmas Day proves global warming, and believes that tasks covering conservatively 30 million U.S. jobs should be led, paid for, repriced, or restructured by the federal government.

That pretty accurately sums up the lunacy that is the Sanders point-of-view. It also neatly, and unintentionally, skewers environmentalism and environmentalists, who are constantly pointing to this warm day or that one, and claiming that it proves global warming.

Here’s another not awful thing that Mullaney put in the feature:

To Sanders, Europe is a vision of Heaven on earth: “I think we should look to countries like Denmark, like Sweden and Norway, and learn what they have accomplished for their working people,” he said.

Really? Europe, the continent with 10.2% unemployment and 0.8% annual growth in gross domestic product since 2010? Where Switzerland and Germany have private health insurance, with deductibles, much like the Obamacare Sanders dismisses?  Where Norway pays for cradle-to-grave services — with oil money? And Sweden sports 7.2% unemployment? Witty.

Lol! Yep. The problem with this is that Mullaney doesn’t recognize that Sanders is both ahead of his time and way, way, way behind his time — all at the same time!

Sanders’ brand of “Democratic Socialism” has been, for anyone who’s been paying attention, a wretchedly dismal failure in all the many countries where it’s been tried. The only thing that kept Europe afloat for so long under the system was that they never had to spend any money on defense, relying as they did for so many decades on American deterrence.

Now that America has scaled back its defense commitment in Europe, and Putin’s Russia is rattling its sabers, the continent is falling apart, slowly  being crushed to death under the dead weight of bloated social services commitments, hyper-fat cat public unions, really early retirements and more. Democratic Socialism at its very best. In this way, Sanders is as reactionary, as behind the times, as imaginable.

However, this reactionary, discredited, idiotic path is the path of the Democrat Party’s near- and probably long-term future. Or at least until it finally succeeds in bringing America all the way down. In that way, at least, Sanders is ahead of his time.

Mark my words, 2012 is the last time in America that an uncloseted Socialist was not in the Presidential election field. Worse, in my lifetime, an avowedly Socialist candidate will be elected President.

In Greece, formerly prosperous people are digging their next meals out of dumpsters. That’s coming here soon too.

Tim Mullaney, the author of the MarketWatch piece goes off the rails in places. Here, for example:

By definition, liberalism includes openness to new views. It’s adaptable and data-driven — one reason it’s completely compatible with capitalism, not antithetical, as Sanders contends. Adaptable and data-driven are the last words for Sanders. As Sanders’s campaign undermines liberalism’s hard-won edge, it sets back both the causes and people liberalism wants to help.

That pile of steaming flapdoodle is so jaw-droppingly delusional, that when I first read it I thought I was reading some stand-up comic’s joke lines. However, that’s Mullaney’s closer, so I gather he means it.

The first line is probably the greatest howler. Try saying that to a student with Conservative leanings on an American university campus.

“Liberalism,” at least as it’s understood today, is not about “helping people.” It’s about governing, being the boss, managing, controlling… and about obtaining the power needed in order to do all that. The liberal party — the Democrats — are about nothing but obtaining and retaining power.

I coined a saying: The Democrats love poor people. They love them so much, they’re constantly making more of them. Especially where there were none before.

But, why? Simple: poor people serve the Democrats’ Prime Directive: vote for Democrats so they can obtain and retain power. Bernie Sanders is all that … on steroids.

Bernie Sanders is doing nothing more than accelerating the Democrat Party on the path it’s long been following already: to becoming a collection of authoritarian, meddling, busy-bodying, control freaks — regulating, manipulating and riding herd on every moment of every day for the people of a once great, once free country.

— xPraetorius




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