Talking Turkey: Transgender (Part III)

Hey, xPraetorius! If “transgender” isn’t real, why are there so many people who think they are?

Simple: It’s cool.

First of all, there aren’t that many, it’s only a passing media fad. However, real people will be hurt by the fallout from all this “transgender” hooey.

This is the stupid, half-witted, moronic idiotic state-of-mind that the left has foisted on a country once peopled by fiercely independent Americans: it’s cool to be a victim… whether you are or not.

Whether you’re attention-starved, or confused, or just downright deluded, the left loves you if you can show yourself convincingly to be a victim.

This comes from the left, the same political tendency always braying about how cool they are because, you see, they like “science” so much.

Yet, if some dude just comes out and says,

Hey, I’m not really a man — despite that equipment, the muscles, the height, the narrow waist, the wider shoulders, all that testosterone coursing through my body — no, I’m really a woman! And I expect you to believe me on nothing more than my say-so. If you don’t you’re a low-down, ignorant, retrograde, bigoted jerk! Got it?

… well, then you just have to accept it.

It must be true! Because he said so, and who would know better than he, what he is? And, that last, right there, is all the “science” anyone anywhere has ever advanced to support the notion that a man who says he’s a woman actually is a woman. Or the other way ’round.

I listened to a feature on National Public Radio (NPR) yesterday evening on the ride to a sporting event. On came Gavin Grimm, the “transgender man” — the “transman” — who started all this bathroom and locker room hoo-hah with a lawsuit in North Carolina.(1) She won the suit and in the NPR feature, she and the anchorman discussed her court victory.

After the whole thing, it struck me as funny. Of course NPR chose to interview a girl who says she’s a boy! No one’s really worried about girls in the boys’ locker rooms! But, the other way ’round?

Oh, I dunno, would you want some dude who says he’s really a girl showering with your daughter? I wouldn’t. So NPR didn’t present that scenario.

Between you and me, it’s likely the only reason Gavin Grimm won her lawsuit. If the judge had had a daughter, and if a boy had come forward insisting he had a right to shower with the girls, and use the girls’  bathrooms, any sane judge would have thrown it out of the courtroom.

So, why do the “transgender” kooks seem to be coming out of the woodwork? Simple: it’s cool. For a while. Until the ovine media herds move on to the next fad.

— xPraetorius


(1) Gavin Grimm is a girl who alleges that she’s really a boy. She sued her school in North Carolina to allow her to use the boys’ bathroom and the boys’ locker room.  Even after “transitioning,” though — meaning even after some snake-oil salesman convinced her that he could turn her into a boy — she’s still obviously a girl. Take a look at the pictures associated with the above link, if you don’t believe me.


11 thoughts on “Talking Turkey: Transgender (Part III)

  1. Y u such a hater ?

    It is good and right that .8 % of the general populace should dictate policy to our federal “government”. We need to accommodate that enlightened minority.

    1. Andrew: Quick correction: It’s .3% of the population.

      That’s maybe three out of ever one thousand, people who are (at least momentarily) flummoxed about whether they’re men or women. Give ’em a little time and they’ll come around and make it something like .03%, or three out of every 10,000 American citizens.

      Not that anyone’s counting, of course.

      If you were to listen to NPR, you’d think that it was 6 out of every ten people were running around convinced they were something other than what their reproductive equipment would indicate.

      I mean, let’s face it, we all go through youthful phases in which we toss overboard all that we believed before. Either because we’re older and feeling our intellectual oats, or we want to rebel, or an attractive girl blinds us and — as I’m sure you recognize — We. Are. Compelled. To. Agree.

      Whatever. We do it. And not long afterward, we look back at it and say to ourselves, “Gee, I hope no one else saw that!”

      However, now society looks at our youthful phases of incomprehensible whackjob-itis and bows down at our feet, telling us how wise and deep and right and… normal we are to be out-in-left-field crazy.

      No wonder some people take this even further. Social approval is a drug as much as heroin and cocaine. The addict will do whatever he or she can to continue to obtain the drug, and won’t stop until the approval stops.

      As a daddy, I know this phenomenon well.


      — x

          1. Lol!

            He’s about as transparent as a brick wall, and his policies are just as intelligent and wise as that selfsame wall.

            The media hear a hard-left closeted Socialist like Obama say, “I’ll have the most transparent administration in history,” and they say to themselves, “Transparent Administration: check!”

            A Republican says, “I’ll have the most transparent administration in history,“(1) and the media say (as they should, I note), “He’s probably lying… let’s keep our eyes open.”

            Now, if only the media would say, “He’s probably lying… let’s keep our eyes open,” in response to both parties’ candidates’ assertions.

            Of course, if they had done that, all the depredations committed by the Obama Administration against the American people and against democracy itself … would have been impossible.

            Heck, if the media were simply honest, nothing more, the Obama Administration itself — at least in its current corrupt, lawless, imperial form — would have been impossible.


            — x


            (1) Republicans — at least most of them — understand that “most transparent administration in history” is a nonsense phrase. How do you measure that?

          2. I love poetry! Word use and word play at its very best!

            Still haven’t had a chance to take a look. But I will, and I’ll comment.


            — x

    2. Oh, by the way, I knew you wrote the previous post tongue-in-cheek… but I kind of got on a roll.

      My apologies if I didn’t make it clear that I recognized the tongue-in-cheek-ness of your post in my somewhat strident reply.



      — x

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