Talking Turkey: Transgender (Part II)

Bottom Line: Your sex is as immutable as your height or your age. You are what you are what you are — a man or a woman — no matter what other things you may think you are.

I’m a man who is 6’4″ tall. I have all the reproductive equipment normal for a man. I look like a man. If I were to dress like a woman, put on make-up and wear high heels, I’d look like a man in a dress, wearing make-up and high heels.

Yet, there are those — many — who would tell me that if I were merely to state — nothing more, just say it — that I’m actually a woman, well then, presto-changeo, just like that I’m a woman!

Yet, if I were to say, I’m actually a short guy, everyone — unanimously — would look at me quizzically and say, “No, you’re not. Here, let’s measure you. There, see? Six feet four inches tall. You’re not –obviously — a short dude! Now, stop with the absurdities and get back to your work.”

In my much younger days, I was an underwear model in France for two years. I was quite successful, and appeared, scantily clad, in numerous publications that were the French equivalent of the famous Sears Catalog. There are still pictures of xPraetorius on the internet in various poses as I helped to sell French underwear. I was a very good-looking young dude.

That was back in 1981 and ’82. Today, I’m not nearly as lithe, as limber or as youthfully attractive as I was then. Yet, according to the “transgender” crowd, if I were to tell you that I identify as a virile, young, handsome underwear model, then, well, I am! And you’re a narrow-minded, low-down , bigoted jerk if you suggest otherwise.

Really, though, if I were to try to make any of those claims about my height, my age or my relative pulchritude, you’d tell me I’m deluded and to go away. And you’d be right.

But, if I were to tell you that I’m a woman…

Yep. Yessir…  errr… yes’m, you’re a woman! C’mon in to the ladies’ room here! C’mon in to the ladies’ locker room! (That’s a good one! We covered that one in these pages — search “Michael Sam” to refer to those essays.)

I hear that this whole “gender identity” thing is, ummmm… “fluid.” You can be a man at one moment or a woman at another moment, or both at the same time,  or neither and something else. Or, a myriad of “gender” possibilities.

Well, I think that my younger self  — or even my current self — could have some fun with this.

I ought to be able to go to a local high school or college — where the “Justice Department” has just said that they have to let me use the bathroom and locker room of my “gender identity” — and after girls’ gym class, I’ll “identify as a young woman” and go shower with the girls. After showering I’ll just go back to “identifying” as a man.

By the way, if you try to stop me, well, as mentioned above, you’d be a narrow-minded, low-down , bigoted jerk.

See where all this nitwittery is headed? The half-witted American left has practically succeeded in re-defining every pervert out there into a noble victim, just trying to make his way in an oppressive society that doesn’t understand him.

More to the point, you could see clever, perfectly normal, hormone-crazed high school and college boys and girls figuring out that they could legally do exactly the same thing! The boys would shower with the girls and vice versa. As before, if you were to suggest that perhaps this might not be a good idea, you’d be the aforementioned  narrow-minded, low-down , bigoted jerk. And they’d be innocent victims of your bigotry.

Your sex is every bit as immutable as your height and your age. You can “identify” as something else all you want, but unless you “identify” as what you actually are, then you’re wrong.  Just the way it is.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “Talking Turkey: Transgender (Part II)

  1. “To Birds Who Swim in Fishy Notions”

    Apples will be cantaloupes
    depending on their nurture;
    and so I cherish rainbow hopes
    for our collective future.

    Oranges elect their hue
    improving Nature’s seal,
    while pronouns stifle what is true
    suppressing the appeal.

    Fruits may choose to change to nuts
    and fowls select their plumage.
    Why settle in Tradition’s ruts?
    Such rigid roles do damage.

    Nuts in turn, may feel like flowers,
    picking how and when to bloom.
    So ambisexual thought empowers
    androgynes to court their doom.

    A leopard, too, may change his spots
    (or turn into a vegan bunny)
    No law’s tittles, neither jots
    make Speciesism funny.

    If you decide to see it so
    the sky above is yellow.
    Perceive as pink the grass beneath
    and better times must follow.

    Gender? Merely social constructs –
    preach it to the masses
    until tradition self-destructs
    and sex takes off her glasses.

    Babies need no Dad (nor Mother):
    sexist labels, obsolete.
    Love is blind. There is no other.
    Bats must bark and chickens bleat.

    Integrated water closets
    show how far we have evolved:
    urinary bank deposits
    (with no member account involved).

    Foolish thinking from the past
    (like water being wet, and such)
    calls for re-education, fast.
    The State will lend its human touch

    compelling all to sing the hymn
    with genderfluid motions…
    so birds can preen their scales and swim
    in dry and waveless oceans.

    (Yet “hymn” sounds sexist said out loud –
    we ought to sing a “her” instead…
    no – make that “us”, since we are proud,
    lest misconceptions be misread.)

    Shake a healthy dose of salt
    upon this strange post-modern food.
    May God re-set us to default
    with human common sense renewed.

    RE: Talking Turkey –
    I wrote another one on the topic called “Poultry in Motion” which you might enjoy:

    BTW – I used to enjoy French underwear models (but not of your gender) in La Redoute circa 1984…
    a bit more visually alluring than Sears & Roebuck.

    Now be quiet and drink your Soma !

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