NPR Watch (5/12/16) – NPR Loves Trump!

The Bottom Line: National Public Radio did a hit piece on Donald Trump this morning, and Hillary Clinton came out of it looking really bad by comparison.

Yes, NPR loves Donald Trump. More to the point, they love the phenomenon that is Donald Trump. They love the fact that he’s nearly single-handedly destroyed the Republican Party, and they love their conviction that Trump will be massacred by Hillary Clinton in the upcoming November Presidential election.

However, they love him for another reason as well: they can actually be honest about Trump and still get across the left-wing message to which they’re so deeply committed.

NPR did a hit piece on Trump in their daily morning fake news program called “Morning Edition.” In that piece they interviewed a woman who had worked for the tabloid New York Post in the 1980’s when Trump was making his reputation as a developer. Her portrayal of Trump was pretty much as you would expect from NPR, and as we recognize him today: a pompous, uncultured, unrefined, egotistical, windbag, with a tenuous relationship with the truth.(1)

Here’s the rub: If NPR were nothing more than equally honest about Hillary Clinton, long ago they would have done the same type of piece on her, that would have shown her to be the same self-obsessed, power-mad, half-wit as Trump, and she would have left the national stage in disgrace many, many years ago.(2)

After this morning’s NPR segment on Trump had concluded, the only thing that struck me was how bad Hillary Clinton looked by comparison. Does anyone really think that Hillary Clinton — the foul-mouthed, lamp-throwing, sex abuse enabling, white trash, fraud-encrusted, law-dodging, money-obsessed, power-mad, national security-risking, pathological liar — has a closer relationship with the truth than Trump? Seriously?

Remember the question that Scott Pelley asked her? “You talk about leveling with the American people. Have you always told the truth?” Her answer had more escape hatches than the American space program: “I’ve always tried to. Always. Always.” And, “Well, but, you know, you’re asking me to say, “Have I ever?” I don’t believe I ever have. I don’t believe I ever have. I don’t believe I ever will. I’m gonna do the best I can to level with the American people.”

Seriously? “I don’t believe I have?”

Hillary Clinton disgorged a blizzard of words, all of which said, “Yes, I’ve lied to the American people.”  (but I’m gonna respond in such a convoluted, twisted way that I, and my surrogates, can claim that I denied ever lying to the American people.)(3)

Mark Twain had an expression: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” And you don’t have to regurgitate an embarrassing, steaming pile of tortured twaddle such as Clinton did, in order to pretend you’re not a liar.

Not that NPR’s listeners would ever understand it(4), but NPR did a hit piece on Donald Trump this morning, and Hillary Clinton came out of it looking really bad by comparison.

— xPraetorius


(1) First: Left unsaid, of course, is the rhetorical “trump” card that any Trump supporter can use: a non-politician is not required to be as truthful with the American public as a politician is.

In the NPR feature, they told of how Trump had lied to the then reporter about a meeting he had held with former President Nixon. Trump said that the meeting had not taken place, while Nixon’s office confirmed that it had. To my mind, the only possible reaction was: Big deal. Whatever.

The meeting concerned the former President’s search for an apartment, and Trump’s denial could simply have been protection for the business dealings of a client/customer. NPR, and the former reporter, though, spun it as lying, implying that it showed something very negative about Trump’s character. There is plenty of that around, but this particular incident is not an example of it.

(2) That, in a nutshell, is the very real crime that the media commit every day in America: It’s not bias, it’s fraud, dishonesty, corruption, lies. If the media were simply honest, then they would force both parties to present good or great candidates for election to the highest offices of the land.

As it is now, though, by constantly giving a free pass to anyone with a (D) next to his name, the media allow lying, cheating, thieving, corrupt, grandstanding, fraudsters like the current leadership of the Democrat Party to thrive and prosper. This is how people like Obama, Clinton, Sanders, Pelosi, Reid, Waters,  and so many, many more, are in high elective office and not back home in well-deserved obscurity … or in jail.

(3) How long do you think it took the campaign’s wordsmiths to prepare that response … to test it and focus group it before she gave it? Because you and I both know she was told in advance that the question was coming. The question was supposed to make Scott Pelley and CNN to seem to have been as “tough on Clinton as they are on Trump.”  But, you know Clinton knew the question was coming, and had plenty of time to prepare that labyrinthine non-response  response.

(4) NPR’s listeners are, generally, dull-witted, heavily blinkered sheep. They’re blind followers who constantly hear — from NPR and others on the left — how sophisticated, and intellectual, and open-minded, and cerebral they are, all while they consume the most transparently distorted or fraudulently rancid flapdoodle. However, that steady stream of stroking, leaves them in an intellectual torpor that precludes the possibility that they might actually examine what they hear.


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