Why Do Atheists Love Death So Much?

Atheists don’t believe in God. Interestingly, I don’t think that one can conclude definitively that they don’t believe in an “after life.” I’ve never heard one opine, though, on the possibility of something else after death. However, without God what form would that take? Who could possibly know?

Either way, one would think that an atheist would understand the imperative to hold on to every last second, remnant, vestige, every teentsy-weeentsy moment of life possible in all cases. After all, for an atheist what comes after is, at its very best … a crapshoot.

Yet, every last régime in human history, that had atheism as a key component, has been a bloodthirsty régime, slaughtering sometimes tens of millions of its own citizens.

I know, I know… in light of my own “Ten Thousand Year Rule(1),” why not slaughter millions if they’re in the way of re-making the world in a better way?

Well, the answer to that, at least, is simple: the atheist has to understand his own loss to be one of infinite importance to himself. After all, after he goes, for the the atheist, there’s just nothing.

Therefore, for all other people, the same must be true — at least according to the atheist. Why, then, would he kill them?

One possible answer: For the atheist, his own life is, by definition, infinitely precious, while the lives of others are of no consequence. Because there’s only nothingness for them after their departure. Therefore, the atheist understands that others could view him exactly the same way: As perfectly expendable in the pursuit of making the world safe for their own infinitely precious selves.

And, consistent with this hypothesis, as atheist tyrants have embarked on their slaughtering sprees, they’ve always used the language of self-defense to justify their atrocities. Stalin was eliminating “enemies of the people,” and “wreckers.” Mao, also, butchered “enemies,” “spies,” and people supposedly attacking their régime and their country from the outside. So did all the rest of the mass murdering atheist scum who plagued the Twentieth Century as well as this one.

Is this why Atheism, it would seem, leads directly to paranoia?

I’ve been involved in a back-and-forth with some militant atheists over at Allallt’s blog (here) for the past few days. The basic premise of the post is that Christian ethics are inferior to those of atheism and Islam.

The quibble the author has with Christian ethics is that Christ introduced forgiveness and redemption into the law, and there is no room for that in Islam or, obviously, in the above-mentioned atheistic régimes. This, Allallt says, means that Christianity has “loopholes,” and is “inconsistent,” and these things, he says, render Christianity morally and ethically inferior to Islam and Atheism.

As you read the exchange, you’ll notice that the atheism side:

  • Confuses “forgiveness” with “permission.”
  • Has no understanding of the difference between the Old and New Testaments.
  • Tries to stand in judgment of God through the lens of their own perceptions and beliefs.
  • Makes kindergarten mistake after kindergarten mistake.
  • Ignores important point after important point. For example: I posed the “Why do atheists love death so much?” question in that thread. No response. I also threw their supposedly ethically superior systems back in their faces, suggesting that they had made common cause with some of the vilest scum ever to walk the earth. No response. I further suggested that if they were to move to Iran, where the system is supposedly ethically and morally superior, they would either be converted to Islam, or killed. No response, except for a diversion. I mentioned the forgiveness and redemption components of Christianity. No response. And on and on.
  • Argues that “God is bad” or that “God is cruel” at the same time as they’re supposedly arguing  that He doesn’t exist.

The exchange is occasionally lively, occasionally turgid, and involves some uncharacteristically, ummmm vigorous language by yours truly. However, Allallt admittedly enforces no standards at his blog, so the ad hominems directed at me, I simply return in kind. And there’s no point in pulling one’s punches, now is there? I’ve tried to stay elevated with this crowd, but that only eggs them on to greater hostility, so I figured I might as well give as good as I get.

However, the basic point remains, and if you look at the whack-a-doodle premise of Allallt’s blog post — that Islam and Atheism are morally and ethically superior to Christianity —  is borne out: Atheism, it would seem, leads directly to paranoia.

This is an Important Conclusion, and buttresses what we said in our previous post (here):  “Christianity is So Needed Today.”

— xPraetorius


(1) “In ten thousand years, all of us living today will be gone.”

4 thoughts on “Why Do Atheists Love Death So Much?

  1. Very well post! Another component to the Atheists love death angle is physician assisted suicide. It’s a deeply complex subject which anyone who has watched a loved one die from a long drawn out illness has struggled with. The Atheists I’ve spoken to about it seem to think it’s a simple task of just making it happen without considering the enormous potential for harm such a culture of death brings on and the deeper issue of what constitutes value in human life.

    1. Well said, Tricia! I have exactly the same comment.

      The part to which I object so strenuously is that, literally, every time the atheist left (and it’s the left, overwhelmingly, to which atheists flock — due, I think, to the libertine nature of the that tendency) considers a question or topic or issue dealing with life or death, they always come down on the side of death.

      Abortion? The baby dies? Euthanasia? The elderly of the sick person dies. I’ve distilled that down to: “Every time the left takes a position on an issue, someone ends up dead.”


      — x

      1. Yes very true the atheist inevitably ends up on the left side of the political spectrum. Not always, but usually. and you’re right, the answer is always death.

  2. For he who finds me finds life. And obtains favor from the LORD. But he who sins against me injures himself; All those who hate me love death.
    Proverbs 8

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