Trump … Inevitable?

Here are some thoughts about the Trump phenomenon of this Presidential election cycle.

  • Was Trump inevitable? The Democrats have been putting forward Trump-esque buffoons and pompous blowhards for decades. McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama, and now Clinton and Sanders. Such a dull, dim-witted collection of dreary mediocrities has never sullied American history as has this one over the past four plus decades.
  • What a shame Trump had to climb out of the muck this cycle. There were great Republican candidates this go-round: Jindal, Perry, Walker — all highly accomplished, successful governors. And Ted Cruz — arguably the most articulate, proven Constitutionalist Conservative in any election cycle.
  • The country is in dire straits. We’ve all known it’s in dire straits, but we’ve instead made sure to elect a black President, instead of a good one. We rejected candidates who might actually do something to reverse the course of the ship of state away from the looming rocks.
  • So what did we Republicans do in response? We had to do our part in keeping the country on the same doomed trajectory. We’ve spent the entirety of the Obama Presidency pulling our punches, allowing the thick-witted, tunnel vision-afflicted Obama to accelerate the country’s catastrophic trajectory.
  • If there were any love of country left at all in the Democrat Party, someone would have gone over to the Republicans and said something like, “We need to slow down or stop this moron in the White House.”  But they didn’t.
  • If there were any love of country left in the Republican Party, someone would have gone over to the Democrats and said something like, “If there’s any love of country left on your side, you need to help us slow down or stop this moron in the White House.
  • I’ve long known there was no more love of country — only a thirst for power — on the Democrat Party side. I never, never, never suspected that was the case on the Republican side. Now I do.
  • Given that climate, is a Trump inevitable?
  • The extremes are everywhere. The lies and deceit fill the air like a swarm of mosquitoes around a herd of elk in summer in Alaska. Example: Obama says he’s “reduced the deficit.” Yeah. He brought it down to its current criminally obscene level, from the stratospheric heights to which he had raised it himself. So now he’s only robbing us blind, whereas before he was robbing us deaf, dumb, blind, up-one-side-and-down-the-other. Before he was stealing tens of thousands of dollars from each and every one of us, and our kids and their kids and their kids and their kids. Now, he’s stealing only fives of thousands of dollars from us and our posterity, and the media report: “Obama has reduced the deficit.” Freakin’ idiots!
  • The national debt is so enormous that no one has any idea how this country will possibly pay it back, or even pay it down a bit! Corruption is the way of business in America’s seats of power. Satraps hold onto power for decades, and a Ku Klux Klansman (Robert Byrd), or a murderer (Teddy Kennedy) can become the “Conscience of the Senate.” Pray tell: where would you or I be if it were found out that we were once a high figure in the Klan, or that we had murdered a young woman through drunken negligence? Do you think we’d be in a position of huge power? Or in jail? Or working as a janitor in some podunk town’s elementary school?
  • Given those conditions, is a Trump inevitable? Nothing else has caused anyone to have any hope that anything or anyone was going to slow, then reverse, the accelerating pace of America’s decline.
  • Last night, Trump won all the primaries in the Northeast. Afterward he was giving one of his patented, all-over-the-lot “victory speeches.” He spoke of Carrier, the company that had moved its manufacturing facilities from Indiana to Mexico, causing the loss of hundreds of jobs. Trump said, “We won’t let that happen! If a company tries to do that, there will be consequences.” Oh? What consequences? When did this stop being America? When did Donald Trump get to decide what a company does with its business? When did Donald Trump get to control any aspect whatsoever of what any company in America decides to do? Hint: Never. No wonder so many of the ovine, bleating, oatmeal-for-brains, half-wits who support the self-admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders(1), say they would vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton.
  • Carrier leaves America for Mexico. Let’s translate: A bunch of Carrier higher-ups get together and conclude that the business climate for their manufacturing operation is better in Mexico than in America(2). So they decide that in their company’s best interest, they need to take advantage of that superior business climate and they move. Trump says that he’ll punish a business for acting in its own best business interests. Trump doesn’t say that he would do his level best as President to make it so that the business climate is better in America than in freakin’ Mexico, does he? Nope. He says he’ll punish Carrier, and companies like Carrier, who decide to act in their companies’ best interest, and leave an inferior business climate for a superior business climate. Is he an idiot? Is Trump a power-mad scumbag? He’s not a Republican. And his followers (the right word for them) are not Republican voters. Oh, they might be registered Republicans, but they’re not Republicans.
  • We know that the Democrat candidates are idiots. Clinton and Sanders? Blithering, slope-headed, drooling, duh-hey, slobbering, dim-bulb, five-and-a-half-beers-short-of-a-six-pack cretins.
  • And we know that the Democrat candidates are power-mad scumbags.
  • I wonder whether Trump and his supporters figured — in a kind of weird groupthink to which recent history and events have been leading them — “What on earth do we have to lose by running and supporting a power-mad idiot? After all, when we support Republicans, all we get are people who serve as little more than mildly annoying speed bumps for the power-mad scumbags and idiots the Democrats keep belching out at us.”
  • Was Trump inevitable?

— xPraetorius


(1) Admitting that one is a Socialist is admitting that one is — at the very, very best — a blithering idiot. At worst a lunatic. Our lunatic, Bernie Sanders, has millions of “followers” (the exact right word for them) among the porridge-brained youth of America.

(2) Holy freakin’ mackerel! Contemplate that thought for a moment! Now, you tell me whether America is off the rails!


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