Hideous, Disgusting, Deeply Disturbing, and A VERY Stark Warning.

*** WARNING: Extreme Violence Depicted in the Below Link. Unsuitable For Minors. PLEASE Read the Description Below Before Viewing ***

With Islam, this is what we face: here.

Description: The video shows a crowd of men stoning a woman to death. I never would have watched it if I didn’t think I had a moral duty to see it. I was unable to watch it to the end.

The blogger who discovered and disseminated this video poses the rhetorical question:

To our knowledge, no mob of Confederates ever stoned a person to death in history. Yet the practice is common among Muslim savages.

Why is it, then, that we consider the Confederate flag a symbol of hate and Islam the religion of peace?

It’s a valid question. It provides important perspective on the “problems” we face in America today where delicate flowers known as “college students” quail timorously before the admiring look that may or may not somehow have been entirely pure. How about facing down an angry mob armed with heavy, blunt objects to stave in your head? That’s what others in the world face.

Our youth crowd, quivering, into “safe spaces” today so that they can avoid hearing opinions that differ from their own. How about a “safe space” from a mob bent on slowly breaking every bone in your body? That’s what others in the world would like to find.

The Race Grievance Industry frets about how many black people are up for Oscars. How about knowing that at every moment of your day, if you say something not approved by the authorities, or worse you say something that is approved, but somehow someone misunderstands, then your life is forfeit. Gruesomely, torturously, violently slowly forfeit. That’s what others in the world face.

The more Americans whine and snivel about this or that petty, tiny, fabricated slight, the more the rest of the world watches in scornful disbelief, and at night weeps — praying, begging and pleading with God to let them have our petty, little Americanproblems.”

With Hillary Clinton as our next President, you can be sure that the torturers, bloodthirsty murderers and the thugs will be ever more confident that we, soon enough, will have the same problems as the poor woman in the pit in the above-linked video.

— xPraetorius


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