Power to the People!

It’s one of the left’s favorite phrases.

And government is one of the left’s favorite things.

Do you know what power is? Simple: it’s land. Nothing more than that.

Remember how people used to measure wealth and power? Do you remember why, under serfdom, the people were understood to lack wealth or power? It was because they didn’t own any land.

They worked for the landowning “nobility.” For the “landed gentry.” That’s how you knew, and everyone learned this in history class, that the “gentry,” or the nobility … had power.

They had land.

Did you also know that the American federal government owns more than half of all the land in the western states?

If land is power, then who do you think holds real power in America?

If the left really believed in “power to the people,” (hint: they don’t) they would insist on divesting the federal government of all that land and, by lottery or pennies per acre sale, return it to the people.

The left believes in taking land — power — from the people and sucking that power into the federal government, where they would then have it and control it … and you. Because the leftist vision of power is simple: they have it. You don’t.

The excuses are many. Environmental, economic, judicial, whatever… It all adds up to taking power from the people and turning it over to the government.

Back in the good ol’ days of serfdom, the government was the royalty of the day, “the lord.”

They owned all the land. They had all the power.

If you ticked off the government — the lord — he kicked you off his land and told you not to come back. No land, no job. No job, no home to go to. No way to support your family.

No power.

Good luck to you at that point.

The American federal government owns more than half of all the land in the western United States.

People like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton believe that the government — today’s “lord” — should own all the land. They say that if that were the case, then that means “Power to the people.” That, they say, is “progress.”

Sounds a lot more like serfdom to me.

— xPraetorius

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