Democrats: Women are STUPID!

Democrat candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton keep looking the American people — and particularly American women — in the eyes, and flat-out, transparently, bald-facedly lying to them(1).

The issue is the long-disproven “a woman makes 77 cents for every dollar a man makes.” myth.

You know me; I like thought exercises. Here’s one:

One car dealership is selling the make and model of car you want for $10,000. Another dealership down the road sells the exact same car — no differences whatsoever , same make, same model, same extras, same exact car — for $7,700. Which car do you buy?

Okay, okay, how about this one:

You have your heart set on a certain kayak. One outfitter store sells it for $1,000, while another is running a sale, and is selling the exact same kayak for $770. Which kayak  do you buy?

Ooh! Ooh! I got another one:

You want a computer system and Best Buy is selling it for $1,000, while Walmart sells the exact same system, with the exact same specifications for $770. Where do you go to buy your system? Walmart or Best Buy?

No, wait, wait! How about:

You’re an employer and you need to fill a position and a dude and a babe (that’s cool-speak for “a man and a woman”) interview, and both have exactly the same qualifications, and both are willing to do all the travel and stuff the position demands, and when you ask the dude how much he wants to get paid, and he says, $100,000 while the babe says she’s good with just $77,000. Which one do you hire?(2)

Hey! I got a million o’dese!

You might have noticed that none of these thought exercises were trick questions. Based on your quick responses to those questions, here’s the last thought exercise:

With the “wage gap,” how could it be that there are any men employed at all in America?

— xPraetorius


(1) It should be noted that I have said publicly many times that you can never tell when someone is lying. As regards the topic that I’m discussing above, “lying” is actually the charitable conclusion to draw. The topic is the 77 cents on a dollar myth that has been so thoroughly debunked that anyone who still believes it is either crashingly stupid, or … lying.

Note: It’s actually impossible to rule out that the Democrats are stupid enough to believe a myth that has been publicly, completely and utterly debunked. Case in point: in one recent edition of our “NPR Watch” series, we documented how National Pubic Radio, ever behind the times, is still “reporting” on the mythical wage gap as if it actually exists. Well, slightly to their credit, they later did a feature in which they interviewed a Harvard professor who explained that there is, essentially, no wage gap.

The myth says that “for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes 77 cents over her lifetime.” The Harvard professor then said that the reasons for that difference are simple: women, generally, choose to have jobs and careers that demand less overtime, less travel, jobs that give them more “temporal flexibility.” Women choose much more often work in which they don’t have to be on call. Men choose, again generally, a lot more often to be available on call, to do overtime, to make themselves available to travel, to have less “temporal flexibility.” In other words, men are more available, work longer hours, travel more, and give up this “temporal flexibility.”

It’s not well-known, but companies tend to pay the role, or the position, rather than the person. The Harvard professor summarized that men tend to make themselves available for the higher-paying, but more stressful positions or roles, while women choose the less stressful jobs that give them greater opportunities to have a rewarding life outside of work.

Those positions that are more valuable to the female employees are less valuable to the employers. Oh, and women tend to work far fewer years than men, opting out of the workforce far more often, and for more time. Bottom line, said the professor, women do make less money, and it’s because they choose to sacrifice dollars for other things they value more than money. So, at the end of the feature with the Harvard professor, in which she pretty much said there’s no wage gap between men and women, how did NPR conclude it? Yep. You guessed it: “That was professor So and So, who studies the wage gap.”

(2) I wish I could claim credit for this last one, but it belongs to the great Thomas Sowell.


4 thoughts on “Democrats: Women are STUPID!

  1. Well said. Not only do they think women are stupid, they are trying desperately hard to depress us all with our miserable lot in life.

    Or rather, our alleged miserable lot in life. 🙂

  2. This kind of stuff infuriates me. A big fat bald faced lie supposedly told for my benefit actually victimizes me and negates everything I’ve experienced in the world. Ywt, I am supposed to go along with it because a Democrat says it. Ugh. 🙂

    Good post.

    1. I agree, Tricia! Most infuriating because (1) either they think we’re stupid enough to go along with the lie, or (2) they’re stupid enough to believe it, then to try to tell us that they deserve to be our President!

      Either way, there are a whole lot o’people — who are very much in the know — who know full well that it’s a myth, but who peddle it anyway.

      We’re supposed to contemplate what seems to be an obvious reality: the Democrats are presenting to us a bunch of candidates this election cycle — who are all(1) either thoroughly corrupt, or crashingly stupid.


      — x


      (1) When I say “all” here, it’s because I know of no Democrat candidate for any elective office anywhere, who does not contend that there is a serious pay gap, and that it’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

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