The Hip Hop World: A World of Depravity and Evil

From a few days ago, take a look here.

It’s the story of a certain Kevin Donovan, aka: Afrika Bambaataa, and his ummm odd predilections concerning underage boys.

Yes, yes, yes, I know that child molestation is not a “black thing.” However, it absolutely is a “hip hop” thing, and hip hop is a black thing.

For those of you thinking the previous is a contradiction it’s not. Everyone, not just black people, is turning a blind eye to the depravity in the “hip hop community.”

However, if we white people were to suggest that the hip-hoppers cut it out, and if law enforcement were to follow that up with some, you know, actual law enforcement, see if you can tell me how quickly the outraged bleating of “Racism! Racism!” would come pouring out of the Race Grievance Industry (the RGI).

But how many hundreds of such stories do we have to read before we say that in the hip hop “community,” which is a black thing, there are serious problems.

Read the article from  yesterday’s NY Daily News, and you see that the abused kid, Ronald Savage, now an adult, pretty much says that.

Yes, yes, yes, I know: neither hip hop nor child molestation are white things. But we white people do bear responsibility for what goes on in our shared country, and the the hip hop “community” is part of that country.(1) After all, it is our country too. At least a little. It’s never okay when white people molest children, why is it okay to look the other way when black people do it?

Every time we fall for the wolf-crying intimidation tactics of the RGI, we abdicate our unmistakable responsibility to help children who are suffering.

Please understand: I know I’m sounding like the political left when I say this.

They, the left, realized long ago that if they invoke “the children” at practically every turn, then there are enough credulous people in America who’ll believe their hogwash without questioning it.

However, that means that legitimate concerns about the welfare of real American young people gets drowned out by the left’s flapdoodle.

That, though, doesn’t change one iota everyone else’s absolute responsibility to make a sincere, strong effort actually to protect real children.

The world of “hip hop” is a world filled with cruelty, sexual perversion, violence, exploitation and depraved indifference to the suffering of others. That it’s also a “black thing” shouldn’t change a thing.

— xPraetorius



(1) Whatever that is. Apparently, it’s little more than a bunch of sex-crazed, drug-crazed psychotic perverts who know they can get away with horrific abuse of anyone they see fit, because of the color of their skin.



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