NPR Watch – 4/12/16

I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on the way in to work this morning. It was their usual morning fake news program, “Morning Edition.

On came a story about the following statistic: women represent about 25% of all state legislators.

This is where fake news people like those at NPR show their true colors. The entire tenor of the piece was that this is a problem.  That this shows underrepresentation in state legislatures. Rather than — by far the most likely — women simply choosing not to become legislators.

NPR gave no indication that there was any obstacle whatsoever to the election of women to any state legislature. Oh, they did the usual meaningless codswallop: Women choosing more frequently to be the primary caregiver in the home, women juggling this and that (as if men never had to juggle anything), women having to “overcome perceptions” and all that flapdoodle.

Nor did the piece ever explain, not even in one sentence, why it’s a bad thing. It was all just assumed.

Nowhere in the piece, not even once — and, to be sure, I’ve never heard this on any news program — was it mentioned that, just possibly, women are choosing to distance themselves from the hurly and the burly, from the fight and the conflict of the legislative experience.

Nowhere was it even hinted that women just might be making their own choices, and that those choices just might not be exactly the same choices that the left would prescribe for them.

The left, and especially feminists, doesn’t want any abstract thing like “equality” for men and women, they want to control people. And they can’t control men and women, if women obstinately refuse to act and to choose as the left demands that they do.

There are no meaningful obstacles to women’s serving in state — or even federal — legislatures. If it weren’t so sad, and so stupid, it would be almost funny that National Public Radio then completely ignores by far the most likely explanation: women are choosing for themselves not to become legislators.

Why does NPR ignore the most likely explanation? Simple: it doesn’t fit the dominant leftist propaganda, that all men are power-hungry ravening brutes, and all women are downtrodden, oppressed feminists just thirsting for equality in this man-dominated world.

That reminds me of one of my own maxims: “Anyone who thinks it’s a man’s world, has never been a man.”

— xPraetorius


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