NPR Watch – 4/12/16 (Part II)

I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on the way in to work this morning. It was their usual morning fake news program called, “Morning Edition.

On came a promo for someone who has a web-based tool to “help employers to pay their employees equitably.”

In other words, this tool is supposed to show employers the error of their ways, so they will pay their women employees more, ostensibly to catch up to the men.

The way the woman developer of the tool expressed it: “A woman goes to the web site, enters in her age and occupation, and she gets back a result telling her how much less she’ll make than a man over her lifetime.” [emphasis added]

Oops! There’s that key phrase! “Over her lifetime.” They are clever, these leftist fraudsters.

There’s something about the “over your lifetime” part of this whole pay equity topic that people should know: women opt out of the workforce far more and for far longer periods of time than men. A typical woman’s career is 20-25% shorter than that of a man.(1)

Ipso facto: if you were to pay a woman even 20% more than a man, she’d still make less money … over her lifetime.

The phrase, “over her lifetime” makes the entire idea of a so-called “gap” between the compensation for men and women perfectly meaningless. Because it fails to take into account the individual choices that men and women make over their lifetimes(2). Yet, half-wits like National Public Radio report this meaningless — fraudulent, actually —  statistic as “news.”(3)

If you look at compensation rates for women doing the same job as men(4) at any given moment, they’re close to the same, or as is often the case, the women make more.

There’s no way to avoid it: The only way for the America left to make it so that a woman makes as much as a man over her lifetime, is to pay her 25% more than a man for the same job, or to make it so that men work 25% fewer years over their careers.

— xPraetorius


(1) Rather than looking at this as an “overworked men” problem, the brainless American left regard it as an “underpaid women” problem. As an overworked man, who’s never had any other choice but to be an overworked man, it’s far more likely to be the former than the latter.

(2) I’m a man. Frankly, in my decades of work, I’ve never had the choice to “opt out of the workforce” for a while. Whether just to decompress, take some time off, care for a loved one, or for any other reason. Talk about juggling things! Men have been doing that for millennia!

(3) Because National Public Radio is a puppet of the American left; nothing more than a transparent propaganda outlet for the Democrat Party. Paid for by your taxpayer dollars! Call your Congressman, call your Senator — demand that your taxpayer dollars not be used to fund NPR’s propaganda.

(4) We’ve looked at this in depth. Women frequently don’t do the same job as men. Even when they have the same title. Quick example from my own experience. I have done a lot of software development. It’s a good, ol’-fashioned white collar job. I’ve worked on many software development teams with many women. But, I’m also a 6’4″ tall, 250 lb, strong-as-an-ox dude. To whom do you think the various companies for whom I’ve worked always turned, and still do, when they needed furniture moved, wires run, heavy stuff loaded on trucks? Every time, and in every company I’ve ever worked for. Women do make very fine software developers, and other white-collar workers, but they make not-nearly-as-good blue-collar workers, and they do blue-collar stuff a lot less well, and a lot less frequently. We white-collar dudes do a whole lot of blue-collar stuff, even though it’s not in our job descriptions. Or: a guy simply has a bunch of “added value” built in when he applies for any white collar job. Simple as that.


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