Solzhenitsyn’s Worthy Successors

There are currently two indispensable writers and thinkers in America today. One is the Canadian Mark Steyn (website here) and National Review’s great Kevin Williamson. Okay, okay… let’s add in Jonah Goldberg as well. So, three indispensable writers and thinkers.

Others have been in the list as well: Linda Bowles (RIP), P.J. O’Rourke, Ann Coulter. Emmett Tyrrell. I’m thinking of adding Aaron Goldstein in. And once you’re out (Ann Coulter) you’re not permanently out.

Anyway, Mark and Kevin have contributed a recent body of work that demonstrates their Everest-sized value to America, and therefore to the world. Here are some of their recent contributions:

Mark Steyn:

  • The New Man and his Gender Gap – Want to see what feminism has done to the Western Man?  Read this one first. Eye-opening, and deeply tragic. And Steyn’s writing is the best there is — tied with Williamson, that is.
  • “When Mark Steyn Struck Back” – One of the finest essays ever written, concerning an essay written about oneself. The general topic here is an amazing debate — called “The Munk Debate” — on the topic of the refugee crisis in Europe.
  • Live in Melbourne! – This is a YouTube-type video of a speech Mark gave in Melbourne, Australia. Steyn is really a fine speaker! And he’s working from a script that he wrote himself, so you know the content is smart, well-written and laden with bons mots, of which Steyn is the undisputed king. The topic: the disappearance of freedom of speech in the West.
  • Just For Laughs Festival (Toronto branch) – Again on the topic of the Munk Debate. Steyn picks up on a crucial moment of the debate, and expands on the topic. Reader’s Digest version: Steyn’s debate opponents got a big laugh from the audience over the rape of hundreds of girls of all ages — three years old and up. Steyn squashed them like bugs after that.

Kevin Williamson:

  • Bernie and Hillary Shouldn’t Be Allowed Near the Oval Office – This one almost made it into the “Powerful, Influential People Read This Blog” category. However, Williamson’s writing is so good, so effective, blunt, readable, to-the-point and magisterial, that the entire essay is a masterpiece. Read it from beginning to end. Bring your dictionary. We’ve said all these things many, many times. We say it a lot better than most. Williamson says it even better.
  • The war on free speech on campus and beyond – Just as it sounds. And, again, some of the best writing ever.

Here’s a small appetizer from the previous piece:

I raised some alarm about the Gawker article at National Review, and once again the response was the predictable one: “It’s just Gawker, and it influences no one possessing any intelligence. No sensible person takes Adam Weinstein seriously.” That is all true enough, but it is not only or mainly the intelligent and the sensible who move the world of public policy. We have Kennedys to consider.

Yes, we do have Kennedys to consider.

Also from Williamson: A great exposé of the real, the practical effects of the out-of-control regulatory state. It kills, all in the pursuit of power:

  • Armed agents of the state protect us from children everywhere. – The provocative headline hints at the contents: the tragic story of Alexandra Scott, the brilliant, young founder of “Alex’s Lemonade Stand,” which could have been a powerful force for good, had it not been regulated out of existence. Again, Williamson’s great and powerful writing withers the brainless goonery that bullied a sick, young girl into closing her lemonade stand, after it had proven it could make millions upon millions of dollars for research into a cure for cancer. And, as always, Williamson points out the greatness in our country, that far outshines the thugs who nip at the heels of such as Alex Scott. Unfortunately, though, as Williamson shows, though American greatness outshines the goons, we still have Kennedys to consider.

When the great, great — a million greats! — Aleksander Solzhenistyn passed away in 2008, those of us who loved and admired him wondered whether we’d ever see his like again. We have. We do.

Solzhenitsyn’s successors are Mark Steyn and Kevin Williamson.

Solzhenitsyn stood out because he came to prominence long after his country had fallen deep into a very dark, evil, human-devouring abyss. Solzhenitsyn’s great humanity stood out easily by contrast to the horrid, crushing depravity of the Soviet Union.

Steyn and Williamson are every bit as great, as far-seeing, as insightful, as Solzhenitsyn. They’ve arrived at some prominence before the final descent of the Western World into the abyss.

Make no mistake about it: the Western World’s current trajectory leads to the abyss.

We fail to listen to Steyn and Williamson only at civilization’s great peril.

— xPraetorius

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