Cruz Wins Wisconsin by a Lot – Some Thoughts


53 to 31!  Not a small margin.


I like him a lot. Always have. A true principled Conservative.

I wonder, for the life of me, why all our so-called “principled” Conservatives haven’t rallied to his cause before this. Well, sort of wondered. I mean, I know why;

  • Cruz’ principled stand shuts down the government for a brief time
  • The corrupt media dishonestly maul Cruz in the media for shutting down the government. The fault is with the Obama Admin. Cruz simply called them on their corruption.
  • A gullible public believes the corrupt media, and blames other Republicans because of their party affiliation with Cruz.
  • Conservatives — Conservatives! — say, “Well, let’s not do that again!” Even though literally no harm befell the country due to the brief — several weeks — government shutdown. Which, by the way, proved compellingly the point we Conservatives have been making for decades: much, vast swathes, of the federal government is completely unneeded.
  • Cruz occasionally threatens to shut down the government several times again.
  • Conservatives — Conservatives! — go into apoplectic fits to try to prevent it. Again. Why? Because they know the corrupt media will dishonestly portray the government shutdown as a terrible thing forced on the American public by those nasty-wasty Republicans.

So, the question is: Are we Conservatives or not? Do we really believe what we say, or don’t we? Are we really interested in significantly reducing the size, scope and reach of the federal government or aren’t we? Are we really that afraid of what a bunch of two-bit, corrupt, dishonest media personalities might say about us?

More to the point: Are we really that terrified to call a bunch of corrupt, dishonest, media personalities “corrupt, dishonest media personalities?” If so, what good are we Conservatives to America?

In one of his very few saving graces, Donald Trump calls corrupt, dishonest, media personalities “corrupt, dishonest media personalities.”

We may not like Trump, but we’re idiots if we don’t learn from him, and use the experience of Trump to inform and round out our understanding of how to handle the media.

I do worry.

In some thoughts for a later post: If we Republicans rally behind Cruz and he wins, will Washington destroy a really good man? Will Republicans still cower in fear of the corrupt, dishonest media as they assault President Cruz, as they inevitably will do(1), and as they did to President Bush, the younger? In their timorousness, will Republicans simply abandon President Cruz, as they did President Bush?

Still, all these things — the Trump and Cruz phenomena — can teach us things, if we’re willing to learn from them.


— xPraetorius


(1) Ted Cruz is, to all appearances, a principled Conservative so, as unprincipled leftists (a redundancy), the vast majority of the media loathe him.


3 thoughts on “Cruz Wins Wisconsin by a Lot – Some Thoughts

  1. The unreasoning hatred of the Left, their media, and the useless Rinos for Cruz indicates that he must have some excellent qualities and is probably Christian (not that the last item matters much in a politician but it explains their loathing of him).

  2. I like Cruz, too, always have. I liked him over Dewhurst in the 2012 primary, and he’s been principled in the Senate, everything I could ask for.

    Establishment types hate Cruz because he forces them to fight the fight they’re too afraid to fight. He’s “unlikable,” “doesn’t get along with colleagues,” etc. These complaints don’t ask, Go along with what? A ruinous trajectory & defeatist opposition strategy.

    I’ve been kinda disengaged from this election, compared to the last 2. President Cruz/Trump/Clinton II isn’t going to effect the downward trajectory of America, least not without a serious revival of Christian virtue in the culture.

    Trump scares me less than his cult-like supporters. They peddle the worst rumors, lies, and slanders. There’s a lot of people in our democracy who are living examples of the argument against democracy.

    1. Thank you, Joseph! I wish sincerely that I could say I disagree with your conclusion about the downward trajectory. I can’t. I agree completely.

      I wish also I could disagree with your conclusion about people who are living arguments against democracy. I can’t. I agree completely.


      — x

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