The Correct Answer to the Stupid Abortion Question (Part II)

In this post here, we gave the correct answer to the stupid question from the stupid Chris Matthews. It was the correct political answer. The question from the stupid Matthews was, roughly, “If abortion is outlawed, should a woman who seeks an abortion be punished?”

Now, for some thoughts on the correct moral answer. The answer a human being should give, not a politician.

First: There’s only one reason to oppose abortion, only one reason to outlaw it: at some point, enough people have decided that “abortion” is a despicable act. Because in the coldest, most calculating, most gruesome way possible, one is taking the most innocent of lives. That’s it.

Absent that moral conclusion, abortion is nothing more objectionable than clipping one’s toenails.

A bunch of thoughts come to mind:

  • If I were a man, and I were to attempt to hire someone to do something illegal, then there would be no question about it. Off to the big house I’d go, and there’d be no debate, or hand-wringing about it.
  • If I were a woman, and I were to attempt to hire someone to do something illegal, then there would be no question about it. Off to the big house I’d go, and there’d be no debate, or hand-wringing about it. However, apparently not for attempting to hire someone to do something as morally odious as killing a human baby?
  • Try to hire someone to rob a liquor store. What do you think might happen if you were to be caught?
  • I’d rather have “robbed a liquor store” on my conscience than “killed a baby.” Any old day.
  • Is this where feminism has brought us? Are women tough, mighty, fierce, unstoppable, awesome forces of nature? Or are they rather hyper-fragile, fainting, swooning fawns in constant need of special dispensations, mountains of laws, vast special accommodations? Men don’t need, or get, any of those things.
  • Feminism is schizophrenia. According to feminists it’s okay for women to kill babies. However, in Chris Matthews’ hypothetical question to Donald Trump, abortion would be against the law. Feminists were apoplectic at the thought that Trump suggested that a woman should be punished for breaking the law. Even if it were a law with which they disagree.
  • Are women people? Should they have to adhere to laws meant for people? We treat children and teens with special care when it comes to the law.  Should we treat women the same as we treat small children and teens.
  • I’m trying to think of all those times where the pro-death crowd was willing to let anyone get away with not adhering explicitly to the laws out there favoring abortion.
  • Can you imagine any other legal carve outs out there? Anything you can imagine men being exempt for? Anything? Me either.
  • If, as a society, we exempt  women from taking responsibility for odious acts, are we simply infantilizing them? Answer: Yes. Obviously.
  • Do a little thought experiment with me. Hypothetical: as a society, we finally become more civilized, and we outlaw the taking of innocent life. Now, who should be punished when a woman seeks an abortion? Obviously the “doctor.” What about if the baby’s father pays for the abortion? Should he go to jail too? Well, in my hypothethicals about the liquor store, the guy who pays the thief to do the job sure would go to jail. As well as the thief. And for the same amount of time.

And yet.

I agree with the sentiment. The sentiment that says that a women shouldn’t be punished for seeking an abortion, that is. For a while. Women are victimized by feminism’s callous disregard for innocent life too. Women shouldn’t be punished for seeking an abortion. For now.

There’d be only so many times where a doctor and a baby’s daddy go to jail before someone would realize that there’s more than a little injustice in that!

One day, when we regard abortion the same way we view slavery, it’ll be unnecessary to contemplate who’ll get punished. Abortion will be as deep in the shadows as is slavery now.

So, the correct human answer to Chris Matthews’ stupid question is, “No, at this time, we should not be punishing women for seeking an abortion.” When, as a society, we stop treating women as if they’re little more than children, then we should revisit the question.

For the moment, though, we need, as a society, to stop killing children. First things first.

— xPraetorius







9 thoughts on “The Correct Answer to the Stupid Abortion Question (Part II)

  1. I like what you have to say on a very throne topic. There needs to be mercy and grace extended towards women that have had abortions. As you say many have fallen for the spin, that it means nothing more than a slight surgical procedure. Of course this is a big fat lie and many women pay dearly in emotional angst later. Punishment now would be counter productive.

    1. So true, Tricia! I know of the pain they feel. There’s no need for more punishment.

      Who except the heartless doesn’t cry for the millions of woman who were hoodwinked into believing the propaganda?

      My confession: I feel that same pain at my callow, callous irresponsibility in much more youthful days.

      I’ve paid for two abortions.

      Years later, I lost a son … long, sad story … and I feel a triple sense of loss. All that could have been! What would they look like now?

      I have two other beautiful children, and wonder what the other three would be like. How would holidays happen — Christmases, Easters, birthdays?

      I know what kind of daddy I am for two children. What kind of daddy would I be for five?

      Lots of questions. Lots of regrets.

      I hope that God can use me to contribute at least a little bit, so that others don’t go through this too.

      You’ll notice a definite dude-centric feel to what I write. It’s true. But I’m a dude, so it kind of makes sense.

      Left completely out of the entire abortion “debate,” is … we dudes.

      We hurt too. Our children are lost to us too. And we wonder too. And later at night, when nobody’s looking, we cry too. Or we don’t … except deep inside.

      People … most people … think there’s no “father” piece to all this at all. They’re wrong. Very, very wrong.


      — x

  2. Oh I so agree that the father point of view has been devastatingly ignored and I like that you put forth your “dude” point of view. It needs to be heard. I’m so sorry about the earlier abortions you paid for. I’ve never had one but know many that have and to be honest, it had nothing to do with my morals at the time, I was just lucky I never got pregnant as I know of sure my choice then would have been to get rid of the baby.

    God bless you my friend. We can’t change the past but the future is a different story.

    1. Thank you for your very kind words, Tricia! So true about not being able to change the past! It’s so important to use the past to make the future better.

      What makes my regret even more poignant is that I grew up in a large-ish family; five siblings, two parents, two grandparents. I loved the hubbub, the busy-ness at holidays, all the family mess and chaos. Loved it!

      All the siblings have dispersed now, and my parents and grandparents are gone. I miss that family togetherness so much!

      I wish you God’s blessings also, along with all the love, happiness, loud, boisterous joy, togetherness and closeness you can stand! 🙂


      — x

  3. Maybe the better answer to questions such as Matthews is a big fat stare marinated in silence, while the questioner gasps for air. How about more ‘no answers’ so the absurd traps can be seen for what they are. But your suggestion at the end is a wise one.

    Swooning fawns……. true there; and nice candid remarks too -x about your personal losses.

    But your hypothetical? We become ‘more’ civilized? Hmm, that’s asking a lot.

    1. Good points all, CS!

      I do think that one day in the not too distant future we’ll look at abortion as we view slavery. It’ll be one bright spot in a generally coarsening culture.

      I agree with the “no answers” idea too. My problem: I just can’t constrain myself. I’m always on the hunt for a withering reply to these really idiotic questions.


      — x

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