The Correct Answer to the Stupid Abortion Question

Look, I don’t like Donald Trump. And who can stand Chris Matthews? So, when stupid, know-it-all Matthews asked egomaniacal, supposedly pro-life  Trump whether or not a woman should be punished for having an abortion, for some reason or other the ham-handed Trump said “yes.”

I don’t care where anyone else falls down on the question, but here’s the correct answer to the obvious “gotcha” question:

Look, Chris, that’s just a really stupid question. Here’s why: I’m running for President, not Philosopher-in-Chief. What I think on that subject is completely irrrelevant.

Here’s how it would work. If abortion were to become illegal in America, as it should, then someone somewhere would write a law prohibiting it. In that law would be all the information about just what would be illegal, and who shouldn’t be doing it, and what the punisment or punishments should be.

Presumably that law would arrrive with a great deal of noise at my desk for my signature. If I didn’t like enough of the particulars of the law I’d either veto it or not sign it.

You’re asking me here how I’d write that law. Well, it’s not the President’s job to write laws, that job belongs to Congress.

A President’s job is to put forward a vision, then hire great people to implement the vision. My vision on your really stupid question is, as I may have mentioned before, that I’m pro-life. You should be too. You say you’re a Catholic, after all. {typical Trump sarcastic-sweet smile here}

There. Now, do you have any intelligent questions, or are you going to pepper me with more stupid “gotcha-type” questions that don’t mean anything? {typical Trump smug look here}

There. Easy.

What’s sad is that no Republican candidate ever thinks to answer these gotcha  questions correctly(1). They’re really golden opportunities to nail the thoroughly corrupt media; to own the interview from that point on, and to thrill millions of people thirsting for a good smack down of the massively, obnoxiously smug media martinets.

The above is a perfectly Trump-esque response too!

Too bad the supposedly glib Trump didn’t have the brains to give it. It would have rocked the massively full-of-himself Matthews back on his heels, and would have been a YouTube sensation in the space of two minutes … and it would have had the additional salutary characteristic of having been the right answer.

— xPraetorius


(1) Newt Gingrich came close to answering a similar question correctly in the debates leading up to the 2012 election. It’s really a shame that nobody followed up on his lead, except the objectionable Trump.



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