Why Are The Media Surprised?

Why are the media all in a dither about Trump? What’s all the fuss? For decades, the media have been saying the same things about all Republicans as they’ve been saying about Trump recently.

They said the same things — you know, the whole racism, sexism, homophobia litany — about Mitt Romney, a perfect gentleman. There are, literally, no stories of Mitt Romney’s having harmed anyone … ever. There are literally thousands of stories of Mitt Romney’s personal generosity having had real, positive effects on people.

The media said the same pernicious things about John McCain, another perfect gentleman, and a serious war hero to boot. Here was a man who had endured, without complaint, years of grotesque torture at the hands of savage enemies.

They said much worse about George W. Bush. Love him, hate him or indifferent about him, the man was wall-to-wall gentlemanly class. Remember, though, how stupid and ignorant and incurious they said he was? Bush was a graduate of Yale, holds an advanced degree from Harvard, and flew fighter jets in the Texas Air National Guard. He’d been a successful owner/manager of a very big business (The Texas Rangers baseball team), and had been the very successful governor of a state larger than most countries, but the media relentlessly pegged him as an idiot.

The media have spent decades examining Republican politicians to find out their strengths, then doing their level best to portray those same strengths as the exact opposite. Romney was hugely generous in reality? They painted him as greedy because he was rich. Bush was quietly thoughtful, highly educated from the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the world(1)? they portrayed him as an imbecile. McCain was heroic and noble? They portrayed him as crass and petty.

Now the media are all apoplectic, all aflutter with tsk-tsk’ing and tut-tutting, when one single, solitary, so-called Republican comes along who actually acts according to their ridiculous stereotypes? The Democrats have been talking and acting the same as Trump — worse in fact — for decades, but the media never worried about that at all.

As the great Jonah Goldberg says, “To h**l with these people!

They brought it on themselves — and on the country — with their libels, their slanders, their dishonest “reporting,” their corruption.

— xPraetorius


(1) Personally, I have no real respect for Harvard or Yale. Wildly over-priced, for what probably turns out to be a rubbish education, filled with the perspectives of leftist flakes, nutcases and wingnuts.



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