Why Does the Country Move Relentlessly to the Left?

…despite the fact that the left has ideas and policy prescriptions that have failed, that have never done anything but fail, and are demonstrably stupid.


Imagine a country that has two major political parties. One party is said to be of “the left;” the other to “the right.”

In very general terms, the leftist party favors ever greater intervention by the central government to bring about what they view as the best possible society. The rightist party favors reducing the size, scope and reach of the central government, insisting that the people can work things out for the best by themselves.

Okay. Close enough.

Now, let’s place the Presidents and presidential nominees since 1960 on the right-left spectrum and see what we can find out:


Some notes about the above graphic that I just threw together quickly:

  • I used my best assessment of, for lack of a better term, “prevailing wisdom,” concerning Presidents and Presidential candidates since 1960, in order that my assessment itself not be an issue.
  • Bill Clinton should be further to the left than I show, but he had a Republican Congress and had to tack to the center in order to survive politically, and survive his out-of-control libido.
  • Reagan shouldn’t be as far to the right as I portrayed him. His domestic policy wasn’t really all that Conservative.
  • The red lines connect each Party’s candidate, or President.
  • I connected election winners with straight black lines.


Now, step back a bit and take a look. The party of the left is … really far left. While the party of the right is kind of right-of-center.

When the party of the left wins, it drags the country far left. Johnson, Carter, Obama. The one exception, Bill Clinton, faced a Republican Congress, and had the one sort of successful Democrat Presidency in the last 60 years. Despite his uncontrollable libido!

When the party of the right wins, it does little more than fix, then manage, what the party of the left has bequeathed to it.

Reagan’s historically vital triumph over the Soviet Union masked the fact that he did little or nothing to roll back the size, scope and reach of the American central government.

His successor, George H.W. Bush (Pres. #43) was a moderate, nothing less. He lost after one term to Bill Clinton, who arguably had the same Presidency that Bob Dole would have had — minus the bimbos — if he had won. Bob Dole was nothing more than a squish.

Clinton’s two terms were followed by George W. Bush (Pres. #43) for two terms. Again, a largely foreign policy Presidency obscured the fact that not only did Bush fail to roll back the welfare and regulatory state, but he added to it.

Then, along came Obama, and he slammed the country to the left.


Look at the graphic below. It’s the same graphic as above, but with a blue line that I drew roughly midway between the two parties’ candidates each Presidential election year. It also reflects roughly the leftward trajectory of the country in the past 60 years; with the hard-leftward lurch of the past seven years:


Imagine a President Trump, or a President Kasich. Can you imagine either one of them rolling back the Obama disaster? Rolling back Obamacare?  Rolling back Dodd-Frank? Rolling back Sarbanes-Oxley? Can you imagine the Democrats even allowing a President Cruz — the only actual true Conservative in the bunch — to get any of that done?

All you have to do is look at that picture above, to understand why the country has moved so far to the left in the past 60 years. The picture of all the Presidents and Presidential candidates has an unmistakable leftward tilt.

Or, more succinctly: if election cycle after election cycle after election cycle we see only a hard-leftist Democrat and a weak, squishy Republican, then the country will move inexorably to the left.

No choice.


There are only two options to save the country from becoming a hard-leftist hellhole on a par with the former Soviet Union or Red China: (1) bring the Republican Party back to being a true, successful party in opposition to the hard-left Democrats, or (2) drag the Democrat Party significantly to the right, nearly to the center line.

I don’t think that #2 is even possible. The Democrat Party is so thoroughly corrupt, and in thrall to such stupid, irrational ideas, that calm, intelligent, rational logic — which would bring the party significantly back to the right — has no place in it.

We might be able to pull the Republican Party to the right.


— xPraetorius



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