The Dominant Leftist Media Again…

It all comes down to the dominant leftist media; to their dishonesty, their perfidy, greed, stupidity and, ultimately, their corruption.(1)

Pretty much all the glaring social problems of America can be traced directly back to the media.

Think the Republicans have got themselves into a real bind, with this undisciplined, egomaniacal, man-child Trump running roughshod over them? He’s a complete media creation. Really, he’s an Obama creation, but Obama’s a media creation, so it all comes back to the same thing.

It all comes from the media. From a lot of different angles. Yes, there’s the “Reality Show” side of things that spawned Trump, but that’s only secondary. The real evil that the media did, and continue to do, is the dishonest reporting of political things in America.

Example: A leftist of some sort — generally a high-ranking member of the Democrat party leadership, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi, for example — regurgitates some outrageous fabrication about a Republican, or about a Republican or Conservative policy proposal,  and the media report that as “news.”

If a Republican were simply to tell the truth about Democrat Party policy proposals, the media report on the “nastiness” or the “harshness” of the statement. They they find some “fact checker” who “proves” that what the Republican or Conservative said was false, or at least questionable, then they loudly and openly ask, “Was he really just ‘wrong,’ or was he … intentionally lying?

Do that for enough decades, as the media have, and you establish The Narrative. When The Narrative says over and over and over and over and over again: Democrats good; Republicans bad — and liars to boot! — and pretty soon it becomes what everyone believes. Worse: it becomes what certain Republicans believe, and they will either (1) try to be the exact opposite of The Narrative, bending over backwards to be squishy, touchy-feely, go-along-to-get-along, emasculated girlie men, or (2) act according to how The Narrative says they should act. Some, too few (3) act on real principles, against The Narrative, and stand for what they believe.

Since society’s white noise — the media, academia, Hollywood, pop culture — exerts a relentless 24/7/365 pressure to coerce Republicans into acting according to number (1) or number (2),  then it shouldn’t be surprising that a Narrative-confirming Donald Trump eventually comes along, only with such massive self-confidence, that he’s willing to steamroll the inevitable media critics.

And, sad to say, there are precious few Republicans willing to (3) act on real principles and stand for what they believe.

The media don’t mind Donald Trump the phenomenon at all, since he’s doing all he possibly can to wreck the GOP. They, the media, have been all about castrating — or assimilating — the Republican Party for decades. And Trump is doing what the very large, extreme-leftist Soros wing of the media and the Democrat Party could never have done.

What the media do mind is that Trump has no qualms about steamrolling them when they try to treat him as their creature, even though he is.

One more thing: tell a population that they’re corrupt, stupid, racist, sexist, haters, Nazis, fascists, enough times, over a long enough period, and at some point a good percentage of them come to believe it, and to understand that, well, since they’re personally good people, then it must simply be okay to be all those things. People live down to expectations.

In this sense the media trained Trump to be what he is. For decades, they’ve been slandering Republicans with all the nasty things I listed above, then they’re all shocked — shocked! — when one  so-called Republican shows up who just might be some of the things they’ve been saying all along.

The ensuing chaotic results — which would be really comical, if they weren’t so tragic for the country — could have been easily foreseen: The media — as well as a vast cross-section of Republicans and Conservatives — leap to reject Trump, who’s likely to be their nominee for the Presidency.

And, of course, the media, true to form, then tar all Republicans as Trumpians, when Trump is nothing more than another Democrat(2), registered as a Republican.

Every social ill in America today — racial tensions, drug addiction, the destruction of the family, AIDS, crime rates, American cities that are little more than black concentration camps, welfare, Donald Trump(3) — are all traceable directly back to the corruption of the dominant leftist American media. Caused by the dominant leftist American media.

— xPraetorius


(1) They’re dishonest, perfidious, greedy and corrupt because they’re stupid.

(2) Trump’s behavior, his bombast, his non-answer answers, his non-policy policies, his ignorance, rudeness, gracelessness are all long-time Democrat characteristics. The Democrats have acted this way for so many decades, that everyone expects it now. But, when someone with an (R) next to his name acts this way, the media — all of them — are completely thrown. I don’t know why the Democrats didn’t think of this sooner: simply run one of their own as a Republican, and in that way, destroy the very idea of the Republican Party in America. The media would have helped them in the effort. As they’re doing with Trump.

(3) As well as: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the entire leadership of the thoroughly corrupt Democrat Party, none of whom would have survived a single election without the corruption of the dominant leftist American media.


7 thoughts on “The Dominant Leftist Media Again…

  1. It’s very true what you say about the media default mode being biased against Republicans and Conservative philosophy in general. I don’t think it’s a concentrated effort as most of them are not smart enough to keep a conspiracy going on.

    It is insipid though and has caused great damage to the country as we no longer have a “4th estate” keeping watch over corrupt and ineffective politicians. Things are changing though as more and more people get access to the truth, which is why there is so much anger and frustration among the public. A lightweight like Barack Obama cannot just state some obvious untruth which the alphabet networks faithfully parrot as gospel and count on people believing it. Those of us that pay attention with open minds know better.

    One thing about Trump-no matter who or what created him, he has already set the Conservative cause back and will destroy it if he gets the nomination. As you say, he is the symbolic racist, misogynist meathead the Left already believes about Conservatives, even though Trump is a lifelong Democrat.

    1. I so fear that you’re right, Tricia. What’s really scary is the simple observation that the obviously superior thought tendency was so easily and, seemingly effortlessly toppled in America.

      Yes, yes, I know… this has been building for decades, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

      It does look — a lot — like Solzhenitsyn’s “The Oak and the Calf.” Have you read it? It’s superb. In the memoir, one realizes that the triumph of good over evil can require decades of behind-the-scenes, quiet, relentless pushing. However, the bad news is that evil and stupidity can triumph over good and intelligent in the same way as well.


      — x

      1. I have not read the Oak and the Calf x, but I really should. Things are indeed more than a bit scary these days. Glad to find like minded others out there…;)

        1. Me too, Tricia!

          I think there are really a whole lot more like-minded people, but it can be a career-limiting move to admit it publicly. Who ever would have thought that would be possible in America of all places?!?


          — x

  2. “…didn’t think of this sooner: simply run one of their own as a Republican, and in that way, destroy the very idea of the Republican Party in America. The media would have helped them in the effort. As they’re doing with Trump.”

    I might offer the’ve been doing this for decades.

    1. That may be right on the nose, Mike! My constitution doesn’t permit me to jump, both feet, into the conspiracy theory world, but my resistance is waning.

      How is it, for example, that literally all the news in the past, say, ten years has somehow redounded to the benefit of the American left? Doesn’t seem possible.

      The list is long, and includes things like the deaths of Breitbart and Scalia, the economic crisis, the coverage of the Iraq War, which, agree or disagree, was won; the triumph of the slick über-leftist Obama over the dull, plodding Hillary, the squishy nominees of the Republican Party, etc… pick an event, somehow it ends up meaning a more favorable environment for the left.

      Again, doesn’t seem possible.


      — x

      1. It might be time to sell my stock in Alcoa… considering we don’t need the hats anymore.
        Some time ago we discussed the ‘Black Helicopter’ crowd and all of the things they were made fun of for believing. Fast forward to today and we all take those things, like all of our communications being monitored directly or indirectly, as a matter of fact.
        I just wonder how many people are genuinely paying attention. Very few I suspect.

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