NPR Watch – 3-29-16

I was listening to National Public Radio this morning. It was their morning faux news program — really just a breezy, polished radio propaganda rag© for everything leftist — called “Morning Edition.

On came one of their many puff pieces. It was about an African television program, a knockoff of “Sex and the City” called “An African City.” The show follows five affluent Ghanaian women as they, apparently, spend their time obsessing over sex.

Well, they got a snippet of comment from the woman who had the idea for the show — I’ve forgotten her name — and she said, “I wanted to make a show about Africa that wasn’t full of war, famine and poverty.”

If that’s not perfect NPR fare, then nothing is! They have news shows(1) that contain no news; variety shows that have no variety(2) a badly misnamed show called “All Things Considered” that “considers” only a very narrow range of topics, and even then only so that they can be spun to support leftist causes.

And this morning they did a feature on a “show about Africa” that has nothing about Africa in it.

— xPraetorius


(1)Morning Edition,” “Weekend Edition

(2) “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross, that is all about movies, books and/or music with a very, very leftist bent.

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