The Blood in Paris, The Blood in Brussels — Much of it is on Hillary’s Hands

Look: let’s be brutally frank. Everyone knows that the rise and unimpeded, continuing progress of ISIS is on Barack Obama’s shoulders. why don’t they say it?

That’s “Thing one.”

Thing Two” is: the blame is on Obama’s shoulders, but it belongs every bit as much to his entire foreign policy team in both his terms.

Who is/was that team? Well, the crucial member of that team — the one tasked with selling America’s vision under Obama to rest of the world was: Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s inaction brought about Benghazi and the needless, avoidable deaths of four Americans. Obama’s and Hillary’s inaction brought about all the depredations of ISIS in past years. Because Obama’s and Hillary’s inaction — or worse: stupid actions — brought about ISIS.

Obama and his team lost a war that George W. Bush and his team, despite their best efforts(1) … had won.

— xPraetorius


(1) Meaning: while their strategies and tactics were sometimes inept, and transparently stupid, the Bush Administration had brought the Iraq effort to a successful, stable conclusion. All that remained was to manage a country that had been pacified, and that was well on the way to becoming a successful democracy. Obama tossed all that away — wasting, so far, tens of thousands of lives, and bearing the burden of responsibility for the lives lost in the near and less near future. Because he’s an idiot.



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