NPR Watch (3/22/16) – NPR Airs the Opinions of an Idiot

I was listening to National Public Radio on the way home from work the other day. It was their afternoon and evening fake news program hilariously named “All Things Considered.”

The host, Robert Siegel I believe, was interviewing a college professor. This was — is — a woman tasked with “educating” many of America’s young adults.

She delivered herself of the following assessment of Belgium: The country is a failed state. Why? Well, you see because (direct quote), “they have lax gun laws, and a vibrant gun culture.

What the heck is a “vibrant gun culture?” Do they hold little gun tag sales, and have neighborhood gun festivals where you bring the kiddies and the grandfolks? Gun concerts and art exhibitions maybe? This woman used a term — “failed state” — generally used to describe third world, tinpot dictatorships and hellholes for … Belgium.

Where was she going with that, anyway? Was she trying to imply that strict gun control measures in Belgium would have stopped these … uhhhhhh… ummmmm … errrrr …  freakin’ suicide ummm … BOMBERS?!?!?!

What an idiot! She calls herself an educator! Sounds as if this clodpole, having little or no real education herself, couldn’t educate her way out of a wet paper bag.

Oh, and this “professor” was, as you might suspect, ever so deeply worried about an anti-muslim backlash in Belgium, because of the recent atrocities committed by … muslims. Her reasoning — I kid you not — on a recent trip to Belgium, her cab driver told her all about the Belgian muslim population!

Yep. That was it.

These morons always wring their hands and furrow their brows over an imaginary “anti-muslim backlash” after some massive, preventable jihadi atrocity, that always results instead in society’s falling all over itself to coddle the poor, excitable muslim dears all the more.

Never let it be said that academics can’t ignore facts and reality in convincing themselves of the correctness of their pathetically ignorant preconceived notions.

Now, Belgium has its problems, but “anti-islam” is certainly not one of them. Nor is that a problem in any part of Europe. The real problem throughout Europe is islamophilia. Or: cowering before the bloodthirsty baboons they’ve allowed to flood into their lands.

Muslims in Europe are the most coddled, catered to, spoiled rotten, babied, kowtowed to bunch, likely in the entire world.

Everyone’s wondering how could this have happened?!?

Really? Really?

There are entire districts in Paris — as in the rest of Europe — where local law enforcement will not go, because it’s too dangerous. Called, “No go zones,” see if you can guess who lives in these districts?




Hmmmm… How could this have happened in Brussels?!?

As much as I dislike him, Trump is sounding a whole heckuva lot smarter and commonsensical than the highly educated nitwits who’ve been running the show so far!

And whose opinions NPR constantly seeks out .

— xPraetorius


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