NPR Watch (3/18/16)

I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on the way in to work this morning. They do a regular spot on their morning fake news program, Morning Edition, in which they “cover”(1) the ongoing election process.

Today they interviewed a Republican voter who said that she wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump under any circumstance. This is, of course, the thing that makes leftists’ — like NPR — hearts go all aflutter, because they think this will assure the election of Hillary Clinton(2).

During this interview, the Republican primary voter asked her very young daughter, “Is Trump a pig?”


That was some substantive analysis to let through over the air waves!

I wonder whether, when there was a demonstrable pig(3) — Bill Clinton — in the White House, NPR allowed anyone to call the President, a “pig.” Hint: they didn’t. Oh, there were plenty of people who held, and hold, that opinion of Bill Clinton, myself included. But it would never make it over the air waves. Not appropriate, you see. Not a substantive thing to say. We’re (NPR) better than that, you see.

A simple truth: we in America have — for decades — held Republicans to a vastly higher standard than that to which we hold Democrats.

We expect Democrats to be pigs. Why? Well, they are the party of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll(4). We expect Republicans to be tame, docile, polite, genteel.

Trump comes along, acts like a typical Democrat, and NPR allows someone — over their air waves — to call him a “pig!

Can you even imagine what would happen if someone were to come along on, say, FOX News, and call Bill Clinton — who demonstrably is a pig — a pig? Oh, the vapors! Oh, the furrowed-browed commentators wondering whether the FCC should fine, or better yet: ban, FOX News!

Yet, this is how the Democrats talk … all the time. Fascist. Nazi. Racist. Sexist, etc. You know the litany of insults that are supposed to (1) pass for debating points, while (2) shutting down the “debate” entirely. These are the things that routinely pass the lips of Democrats. All the time.

You heard it here first: no matter the results of the Republican primary contests, we need to use the Trump phenomenon for good.

As much of a boor and, well, a pig, as he actually is, I have to admit that he is doing what I have been insisting for years that we need to do: disdain, scorn, treat with the contempt they deserve, the media and the braying donkeys of political correctness.

It went only a little noticed during the last election go-round, when Newt Gingrich excoriated the media for the abysmally dismal level of their interactions with Democrat and Republican candidates alike.

Those of us who saw it, though, were beyond thrilled! In Gingrich, we had an articulate, highly educated, prominent Conservative telling it like it is!

Some noticed it, but then it was gone, as if it had never happened. Nothing changed. Hillary Clinton aided and abetted the actual abuse of women by her husband, an actual (metaphorical)  pig, but only Donald Trump is a “pig.

We entirely wasted the golden opening that Gingrich gave us.

Well, this cycle Donald Trump is disdaining the media, calling them out, calling them what they are: dishonest, liars, frauds. And now, we Republicans can’t fall all over ourselves fast enough to condemn him!

Had we not wasted the Gingrich moment, we could have had any number of outstanding candidates for the Presidency — Perry, Jindal, Walker, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Fiorina — demanding, with force, credibility and probably … success — that the media be honest in their coverage of the primaries and the subsequent election.

Read this well: What Trump says about the media is, largely, true. Since we wasted the Gingrich opportunity, we now have an opportunity to acknowledge that the Trump phenomenon is not all bad, that Trump has sometimes said what we’ve all been thinking about the media, and that we should do what we can to turn Trump’s freedom of expression regarding the media into something good. Something very, very good.

I’ve said it here only recently: if the media were nothing more than honest — I don’t care about bias; everyone’s biased, no exceptions — the Democrat Party would lose their electoral viability overnight. Even with their core constituencies, to whom it is very important to maintain the charade that their votes aren’t being bought.

— xPraetorius



(1) Scare quotes, because NPR doesn’t — despite any claims to the contrary — do actual news, so they don’t really cover anything.

(2) Can you even imagine what a disaster that would be?!?

(3) In the figurative sense, of course. Bill Clinton treated, and probably continues to treat, women like dirt. If there were ever a Presidential candidate who was a “pig” in every riotously stomach-churning sense of the word, it was Bill Clinton. Oops! I just remembered: LBJ used to expose his “equipment” to members — especially female — of the media. JFK openly cheated on his wife while President. Actually no Republican candidates for, and winners of, the Presidency have been “pigs,” at least in my lifetime.

(4) We vote for Democrats when we get tired of people reminding us of our responsibilities, and instead want someone to give us someone else’s stuff. Then we vote Democrats out, because they spend all their time telling us what racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, transphobic jerks we all are. Then we vote their tired, ugly old backsides back in when we tire of hearing Republicans tell us to work hard and save money for the future. And so on.

We know that we should vote Republican, for our own good, and for the good of our children, but we want the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. We know that we can’t keep having the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll forever, that it’ll kill us early, but we want it anyway.

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