It’s The 21st FREAKIN’ Century!

Item: American student sentenced to 15 years at hard labor in North Korea for pulling a propaganda poster down off his hotel room wall. Something for which any hotel in America would simply send a bill to the kid’s college. Or ignore it entirely.

Fifteen years at hard labor.

My question: Is this, or is it not, the 21st FREAKIN’ Century?!? Can we stop, once and for all, treating other people like cattle?!?(1)

Did you know that around the world, there are something like 60 million people classified as refugees?(2) Now, I heard that number on National Public Radio this morning, so it’s automatically suspect. I figure, though, that no matter what the number is, it’s sure to be a big one.

See if you can guess where they’re all trying to get to, and where they’re all trying to get away from.

Simple: They’re trying to get to Europe or America, and they’re trying to get away from any place governed either by atheistic fascists/socialists (same thing), or by Islam (also the same thing, by the way).

There is only one inescapable conclusion: If you want to treat people correctly, you must get rid of Socialism and anything that resembles it. That means: dismantle state control of anything that can be privatized at all, recognize Socialism for what it is: serfdom wrapped up in fancy words; recognize Islam for what it is: Socialism wrapped up in a lame attempt at divine justification.(3) Like what the Egyptian pharaohs used to do.

If you yourself want to be treated like a human being, then you hope and pray that you and your family can make your way to a country that is, at least nominally … Christian. Here in the western world.

In no other part of the world is there such unceasing agonizing over what is the right thing to do as there is in the Western world today. And that’s nothing more, nor less, than the Western world’s Christian roots talking. That’s not even close to debatable.

Look at the rest of the world: China, North Korea, Venezuela, the Arab countries,  Vietnam, Cuba, vast swathes of South America, all of Africa. Look at recent history. Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Fascist Italy. Hellholes all, run by atheistic socialists, or muslims.

Can’t we shame these baboons today? Can’t we say to them something like, “What are you, freakin’ animals, that you treat people this way?!?”

What possible answer could the freakin’ animals in the above-mentioned hellholes give to that question?

Oh, they’d say something. Something like, “Hemmina, hemmina, ummmmmm… errrrr… you Americans, you’re nothing but big meanies!”

We should laugh off anything they say, with the contempt that it merits.

The most ironic thing: the people here in the western world — where they’ve never had it better in the history of the planet — take to the streets to say what? That they’re being treated like … cattle.

There are idiots everywhere. Maybe especially here in the coddled free world.

If they were to do their cute little protests in the vast other parts of the world — where they really are treated like cattle — they’d be shot down like, well, cattle.

Reminds me of that old joke: Reporter to protester: Why are you protesting? Answer: Because I can.

People live like cattle only in places where the political leadership consider people to be cattle.

Well, if a person has no immortal soul, then what, pray tell, is the difference between a human being and, say, a grasshopper? Answer: Simple … a human being can give you labor, and will if so coerced.

Socialism, Islam, Atheism view humans as no different from grasshoppers — except for that cool labor thing, that the human cattle will give, and give, and give, until you finally grind them down and they die.

And for what did you abuse that infinitely valuable human life for decades all the way down into the grave? Some economic goal? Greater productivity? National pride? Something else?

There is no abstract concept on earth that supersedes … basic, common, human decency by one person toward another.


This is the 21st FREAKIN’ Century!

Why anyone should ever have to pen a diatribe such as this one is beyond me. But it’s especially absurd now, in the 21st FREAKIN’ century.

— xPraetorius


(1) It’s long past time to stop treating cattle like, well, cattle also. There simply is no excuse to torment another living being. Period

(2) If this is the real number, then the “refugee community” is, by itself, a sizable country.

(3) Yes, there are people who call themselves religious, who are, indeed, atheists. Muslim leaders are, most likely, simply Nazi-like atheist thugs who feel the need to show an outward religious face in order to claim for themselves some kind of legitimacy (unearned) in the eyes of their oppressed peoples.

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