NPR Watch – 3/16/16 – NPR’s Insidious Racism

Listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on the way in to work this morning. It was their morning fake news program called Morning Edition. They were talking, of course, about the primary results. Three of their morning people — Steve Inskeep, Renée Montaine and David Greene were interviewing various voters throughout the broadcast.

The Interviews by David Greene struck me the most. He could speak of nothing but race.

Everyone remembers the story of the 79-year old pro-Trump guy who punched the black anti-Trump dude at the Trump rally. Here’s what’s most striking: NPR is too dim-witted to imagine that the altercation just might have been a disagreement between two people on different sides. Period.

NPR had no choice, because they’re too darned stupid, but to assume that it was a racial incident, even though there was no evidence whatsoever, except the most superficial, that it was one.

Read this well: there was no indication whatsoever that the incident was racial in nature, except for the reporting of the media. And, let’s face it, they’re not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

Everyone said that the incident was racial because the puncher was white, and the punchee was black. Then, everyone said a true thing as well: imagine if the skin colors had been reversed. Of course, it would not have been newsworthy. Now, though, imagine if a white dude had punched another white dude. Nobody would have cared in the slightest. It would have simply been “tempers flaring at a political rally,” as if that’s never happened before!

Here, in shorthand-speak, is how one “interview” went. It was David Greene interviewing a black pastor who supports Trump

David Greene: But isn’t Trump a racist?

Black Pastor dude: No, and here’s why. …

DG: But, don’t you think this thing proves that Trump’s a racist?

BPd: No, and here’s why. …

DG: But isn’t Trump a racist?

BPd: No, and here’s why. …

DG: But, how does Trump’s racism make you feel?

At each demurral by the Black Pastor dude, Greene’s voice squeaked with astonished incredulity. You could hear the “You can’t be serious!” in each follow-up question. Each of which was nothing more than Greene arguing with the Black Pastor dude, who had already answered the question way more than sufficiently.

Here, then,  is NPR’s racism — the real racism: Black people can’t be, you know …  people.

They have to be black people and, more to the point: leftist, racialist black people. Or else NPR doesn’t give the teentsiest, weentsiest hang about them. Period.

Conservatives, and Republicans have been treating black people as people — real people — people in full, with all the rights, responsibilities, opportunities, gifts, character flaws and greatnesses — for decades.

George W. Bush, in a speech during his last Presidential campaign in 2004, summed up perfectly the Democrats’ state-of-mind pertaining to black people: “the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Democrats view black people as stupid, immature, incapable, more than slightly crazy. But they keep pandering to them, because black people keep giving their votes in massive numbers to Democrats, thereby reinforcing in Democrats’ minds their own racism.

— xPraetorius


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