Striking! One Lesson You DIDN’T See in the Reporting of the Recent Riots

What did the images of violent, hatred-fueled, screaming Black Lives Matter protesters give us as a lesson? Well, here’s one, on which nobody has remarked: As we watched the police do their level best to ensure that no one, but no one — neither protester nor protestee — was injured at the altercations that the protesters started, it became obvious that by far the best place for black people to live is right here in America.

It underscored why nearly all black and brown people, all around the world, would give their eye teeth to come to America.

In America, you can do what would get you shot in practically any other country in the world, and the authorities will do their level best (1) to make sure you can do it, and (2) to make sure you don’t get hurt in the slightest while doing it!

There are vast armies of “refugees” streaming, or trying to stream, into Europe at this very moment. Why? Simple: Plan B. Plan A, if doable, would be to come to America.

If there weren’t oceans and such in the way, they’d be streaming into America, as they are at the Mexican border.

The Race Grievance Industry has tried to advance a narrative that the United States is a country awash in red-hot white hatred of blacks, but the television images don’t lie.

Those television images intermingle with a steady stream of stories and images of white Americans agonizing over how they themselves might have been in the wrong, every time a black person dies prematurely at the hands of either a white police officer in the pursuit of his duties, or in some other altercation in which it’s possible that a white person has harmed a black or brown person in any way at all.

These incidents are astonishingly rare. In a country of more than 300 million people, comprised of some 40 million black Americans, roughly 200 million white Americans and approximately 60+ million brown and others, that there are only several such incidents per year is nothing short of miraculous.

If this country were awash in white hostility toward, especially, black people, such incidents should be commonplace. Hundreds per day. Not one or two every month or so.

The fact of their massive prominence in the media proves they’re the exception — because they’re exceptionally newsworthy — and not the rule.

This lesson isn’t lost on the rest of the world’s people, and they want nothing more than to come here. We’ve said it in these pages: the best thing to happen to today’s black Americans is that their ancestors were dragged here in chains hundreds of years ago. It sounds particularly harsh, but it’s undeniably true.

I heard a Vietnamese friend — a “boat person” — say to his granddaughter:

Thank God we were forced into exile from our homeland, because that allowed you to be born here in America.

Wow! There’s a perspective!

Side Note Alert! With all that perspective, it’s so disheartening to see the pathetic level of discourse in this year’s Presidential election.  I expect it from the Democrats; they’re in a constant quest to find new and different ways to say, “How can I buy your vote this time?” If I need to learn to expect that same level of flapdoodle from Republicans as well, then this country is doomed.

We’ve mentioned in these pages also: The only ethnic group to have engaged in a massive, public, thorough, cleansing self-examination, pertaining to how they’ve interacted with every possible definable group in America, is: us white dudes.

As a result, we’ve pretty much purged ourselves utterly and completely of prejudice of any kind, turning us into the most “tolerant,” milquetoast, non-judgmental, group there’s ever been, probably in the history of the world.

Honestly: That’s not a good thing. There is bad stuff, and there are bad people out there, and that needs to be publicly acknowledged and publicly, and loudly, said.

Bottom line: this country, far from being a hotbed of white racism, is the least racist country on the planet. And that takes into account, all the Scandinavian countries whose percentage of white Europeans far exceeds that of America, and who are now closing their borders to non-white immigration.

Otherwise stated: If you’re a non-white person, then, by far, the best place for you to be — in terms of respect for the rights of your family and you, for your family’s and your safety, for your family’s and your very personhood — is right here in the United States of America.

That’s a lesson you didn’t see in the reporting on, and in the analysis of, the recent so-called anti-Trump riots. But it was right there, in plain sight, for all those with eyes, and perception, to see.


— xPraetorius


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