The ‘New Fascists’ Are Here (and they’ve been here for a very long time)

Someone once said something like, “The next fascists will come carrying the banner of anti-fascism.”

I don’t know who said it, because I can’t find it on the web. A bunch of people have said similar things, just because it makes a great point.

And, sure enough: In America today, the most virulent racists are the ones bleating the loudest about racism; the sexists are the ones whining the loudest about sexism; the “homophobes” are the ones flouncing about most indignantly  about homophobia; the “haters” are those protesting, with vein-popping hatred, against hatred.

Today’s fascists in America are all screaming their vein-popping opposition to fascism.

It should be noted that they’ve been here for a very long time — since well before fascism was a famous thing — and they called themselves different things, but they are most definitely not new to this country.

Love Donald Trump, like him, hate him, or somewhere in-between, he wasn’t the fascist the other night when a mob of violent protesters prevented Trump from speaking at a campaign rally in Chicago.

Here are some more thoughts on that topic, in no particular order:

  • That night was very, very eye-opening. It shouldn’t have been. This kind of thing — shouting down right-wingers, and those perceived as being right-wingers, like Trump — has been going on for decades on college campuses.
  • We said something about it here.
  • I had to chuckle ironically at some of the signs being held aloft by the protesters. Things about how we all shouldn’t hate. That’s especially rich coming from half-wits who live their lives suffused with a mindless, white-hot hatred of anyone who disagrees with their half-baked thinking.
  • Look at old newsreel footage of the crowds lapping up the palaver of yesterday’s leading fascists — Mussolini, Lenin, Hitler — and look, when you can, at the faces. Not a lot going on between those ears. Now look at the faces of today’s unapologetic fascists — the Occupy half-wits, the Black Lives Matter goons, academia. Same thing. Not a lot going on behind those eyes, or between those ears.
  • These are the New Fascists, and they are here, among us, and have long been here among us. As predicted, they carry the banner of “anti-fascism,” and they use political correctness and public thuggery to enforce at least outward ideological conformity, as they work toward their eventual goal: the eradication of inward non-conformist thinking.
  • Does anyone doubt that this modus operandi would have worked on any Republican? That any of the other candidates would have cancelled their appearance in the face of such fascistic thuggery too?
  • So, when does it stop? How does it stop?
  • Here’s a very, very hard question for me to pose: Is it possible that it’s too late? That the only way to stop it is to confront it? With equal force, equal vociferousness, equal ferocity, equal energy? Like Trump?
  • Confront” is a weasel word, I confess. Do we need to meet it head on, and make sure our voices are heard? If they swing, as they have been doing, do we need to swing back?
  • We’ve long called in these pages for verbally pushing back. Is it time to be sure that we don’t allow ourselves to be physically pushed around by thugs and goons?
  • The left couldn’t have planned this any better. They plan a riot to stop Trump from speaking, and even the right — such as the great National Review —  condemns mainly … Trump.
  • We’ve been allowing ourselves to be pushed around and bullied by these brainless thugs for so long… is it too late now? Is the struggle for free speech lost? Have we even given it up on the right? If not us, who? If not now, when?
  • Remember: the left needs only to continue to herd America in the direction it’s currently taking. Soon enough there will no longer be any possible resistance to the toppling of America into a permanent, highly-centralized, dictatorial power structure that will make mincemeat of our basic freedoms. Soon enough the takers will have reached a critical mass, and will be able to vote for themselves any free lunch they want. Have they already reached critical mass? Do we on the right need to be “reminded” from time-to-time that we can, maybe, talk a little bit, but that if we get too uppity — like Trump — then resistance will be met with thuggery, and that we will, then, shut up?
  • Remember, never forget, The xPraetorius Curve. It shows, in a picture, why the leftist goons must be resisted.
  • I love Ted Cruz, and he’s absolutely right in his assessment of where America is, and what needs to happen in order to restore her. But is his vision even possible? Can’t the left call out the Occupy and Black Lives Matter goons whenever they want? And  get them into the streets, while corrupt, complicit media morons tsk tsk about compassion and tut tut about justice and inequality? All while no one will even be allowed to talk about the only thing that counts in any government: upward mobility — of the economic, social and political variety — you know: equal opportunity. Of which there used to be plenty for all, but that is rapidly disappearing.
  • If Ted Cruz were elected President, I could see the Democrats, aided and abetted by a criminally irresponsible leftist media corps, so obstructing him that he’d be ineffective and, before his one or two terms were over, he’d be entirely Bush-ified, so that King Barack  II could come in and finish the job of torpedoing America, that King Barack I had left incomplete.

— xPraetorius


3 thoughts on “The ‘New Fascists’ Are Here (and they’ve been here for a very long time)

  1. Yep. I found that one, and covered it in the phrase: “A bunch of people have said similar things, just because it makes a great point.”

    I gather that even that one’s not definitively Lewis’s.

    Oh, well. I’m positive I heard a very close variation of the one I quoted: “The next fascists will come carrying the banner of anti-fascism,” as well.

    Now, I’m starting to wonder whether I coined it. 🙂

    Either way, it’s quite good, and certainly useful for the purpose to which I applied it.

    Even if the one you quoted correctly belongs to Lewis, though, he got it quite wrong: today’s fascists are the atheist left in America, as pretty well demonstrated in the past couple of days.

    By way of further demonstration of that assertion, there are no incidents in America where a leftist speaker, of any kind anywhere, is shouted down, prevented from speaking, attacked physically… all things that have been happening to Conservative speakers for years in America.

    I’m afraid that we Conservatives have a bit of Stockholm Syndrome in America. We have been putting up with leftist thuggery for so long, that now we just sigh and say, “Whatever” and retreat into a kind of comforting complacency that we’re the better people for not being the dirtbags that the leftists are.

    The problem is that the media, the makers of The Narrative, are overwhelmingly on the left as well, and they take any leftist flapdoodle they hear as serious and deep thought, and report it as such.

    That’s the reason for the regret you’ll read in the tone of my post. I’ve known of this brutish, totalitarian mindset on the part of America’s left for a very long time, and have frequently commented on it, but didn’t, I fear, put sufficient emphasis on it.


    — x

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