NPR Watch (3-10-16) – Islam in America

National Public Radio (NPR) did a feature on muslims in America. I’ll ignore most of the sheer hilarity of the feature. Needless to say, it was typical NPR fare — a shallow, insightless bit of whiny fluff.

will give you one quick example, though: In the story, an interviewer (I forget his name) asked a half-dozen or so 20-something muslims to talk about their lives in America. During their comments, the interviewer, also the feature’s narrator, said that these 20-somethings had “come of age” in a more innocent, easier time for them in America — before 9/11.

Well, you and I both can do that math. That meant that these young adults were somewhere in the neighborhood of five to twelve years old when 9/11 happened. Hardly “coming of age.”

Anyway, at some point in the feature, the interviewer/narrator said, as a matter of stated fact, that “ISIS misinterprets Islam.” In other words, the narrator dude was taking as a given the fact that ISIS misinterprets Islam. All the young muslim adults in the feature then told of how ISIS’ misinterpretation of Islam was a problem for them.

Nowhere, needless to say, was there even a high overview explanation of how ISIS misinterprets Islam. Not even the oft-repeated, but mindless mantra: “Islam is a religion of peace.”


So, ISIS misinterprets Islam! That ought to be big, big, BIG news! Do tell! How so?!? Can’t wait to hear this! However, unsurprisingly, nothing of the sort was forthcoming in the NPR story.

And, I can tell you for a fact that no one — certainly not NPR —  has come out to tell anyone anywhere, just how ISIS misinterprets Islam.

We’ve said it in these pages: Muslims have to answer very frankly several questions, as follows:

  • What does ISIS use from Islamic doctrine, or the Koran to indicate that it’s okay to burn prisoners alive, to saw the heads off non-combatants, to crucify children? What are the words? The suras? The passages? The statements, assertions, authorities that say that these atrocities are okay?
  • What do you use from Islamic doctrine, or the Koran to indicate that ISIS is wrong to draw the conclusions that they do?

Several things are certain:

  1. It’s politically advantageous to the American left, if they can say that ISIS is misinterpreting Islam, thereby — presto-changeo — instantly manufacturing an Islamic Grievance Industry (IGI) full of mindless, automatic Democrat lever-pullers in elections.
  2. Since no one on the left ever questions anything they’re told, leftist leaders know they can just say it, but will never have to back it up.
  3. It’s a sure thing that the media — overwhelmingly leftist as it is — will never do their actual job(1) and question or research the assertion.

— xPraetorius


(1) Survey after survey of graduates of Journalism school reveals that these people’s goal is not to “report news,” but rather to “make a difference.” Needless to say, only non-journalists get to “make a difference.” Ipso facto, the vast majority of J-school graduates have as their main goal in life to use their education to bring about change, not to do journalism.

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