For The Conspiracy Theorists (Part II)

  • Item: in 2008, the economy was just starting to come out of what came to be known as “The Great Recession,” and the Democrat Party advanced as their candidate for the Presidency, the emptiest of empty suits. A man whose sole résumé item was: “Community Organizer in Chicago.” Just before election time, the economy takes an apparent nosedive, and the empty suit becomes Mr. President.
  • Item: in 2012, after nearly four years of the Obama Presidency, the growing recovery of 2008 was stopped dead in its tracks, never actually to recover; the world is in flames; uncertainty and insecurity are everywhere; everyone perceives that America is heading downhill — fast. We obviously toss Obama out on his funny-looking ears, right? Nope. Weird stories of the Republican nominee for the Presidency surface non-stop through the press, and there are obvious electoral shenanigans in all the razor-close electoral swing states, of which Obama wins … all of them.  Obama re-elected. Seriously? Freakin’ seriously?!?  Seriously.
  • Item: 2016 — the Republican field of Presidential candidates is probably the most brilliant, exceptional, substantive, respected in more than a century. Astonishingly intelligent, thoughtful, accomplished people like Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal leave the primary process early with barely a whimper. That still leaves astonishingly intelligent people like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and even two brilliant, articulate, thoughtful outsiders: Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson. They’re all squashed by a vulgarian buffoon whose sheer verbal nitwittery might simply give the 2016 Presidential election to the reactionary, dinosaur, Hillary Clinton.

How in the world does all that happen?!?(1)

In both of the past Presidential elections, and quite probably in the upcoming one, plainly the better candidate(s), the better people, the more intelligent, thoughtful, accomplished people, all lost out — badly — to the loud, buffoonish, empty suit, clowns: Obama, Clinton, Trump… And all these results please the American left mightily.

Just sayin’…

— xPraetorius


(1) Hint: Media corruption, ineptitude, stupidity, dishonesty.


2 thoughts on “For The Conspiracy Theorists (Part II)

  1. It is truly amazing to watch… at this point I don’t think a Trump as third party candidate would be a bad thing. It seems to me that he is attracting more Dem’s than he is new conservative (ill informed) to his side. I have to say this is the most interesting (in the Chinese sense) primaries I’ve ever witnessed. And I thought the forcing of McCain down our throats through the intentionally open east coast primaries was bad…

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