NPR Watch (3/9/16) – Why the Muslims Do It — Why They Oppress Women

It’s the math.

Inadvertently National Public Radio revealed it this morning.

On their morning fake news program, Morning Edition, they did a feature on an Iraqi woman — I don’t remember her name — being honored at the Kennedy Center for her work in trying to advance women’s rights in the Arab world.

They told of how the woman, 45-years old, had an older sister who was married off at the age of 14. She herself was only 12 years old at the time, and she told of the strong impression that forcible marriage had left on her younger self.

From that time on, she said, she had been fighting for women’s rights in the Arab world. The woman, the subject of the NPR story, said that her older sister, being traditionally-minded as she was, disapproved of her actions, but that they were still close.

At the end of the story, the featured woman said that her sister was still married and had seven children, while she herself had married later in life, and had one young child.

There you have it. It’s the math. Muslims know that if they don’t control specifically the reproductive patterns of the women, then their way of life is doomed.

Remember, in these pages, we coined the word: “Socialislam.” It’s an amalgam of Socialism and Islam. Islam is socialism, and as such, is doomed.

Sure, Islam’s loaded with references to God, and to making people aware of God by forcing five-times daily prayer, but all that is only a wink and a nod to God. Like the religion of the pharaohs, it’s all nothing more than an attempt to obtain justification from an invincible, unchallengeable, supreme, celestial source, for their very much earthly power-based ideology.

Socialism, though, is a coercive régime, whose principal characteristic is: limiting human endeavor. Constrained ownership of private property; no exceeding others materially; no resistance to the government; no free thought, speech, assembly or worship. Islam, like Socialism, is a bunch of  constraints and limits  on natural human behavior, a bunch of  “No’s.”

The problem for such a régime is: human nature is such that it constantly wonders what if I did? What would happen then? At some point, the constant surveillance and coercion required by Islam and Socialism tires, or becomes lax, or old, or lazy and complacent, and the people start to act on their innate human curiosity.

And the régime collapses. We saw it in the Soviet Union; we’re seeing it in China, in Europe, in the Arab world, in Africa, in South America — all the places where the fad of Socialism has both taken hold over the past century and a half, and gradually or precipitously, destroyed prosperity, human initiative, creativity and freedom.

But never human nature.

The only place remaining in the world with any meaningful hope of maintaining anything resembling prosperity is the United States of America, and her only hope is if she can resoundingly repudiate Obama/Clinton/Sanders big-government Socialism.

Oh, and Islam.

Anyway: back to the topic. It’s the numbers. The traditionally-married sister produced seven good little muslims, while the “fighter for women’s rights” produced one, and likely not a “good” one for Islam.

It’s the math.

In a recent essay, we mentioned the spectacular miracle of productivity that is a man. He produces approximately 1,500 sperm per second. His entire life. While a woman releases precisely one egg per month, for maybe thirty years. Then, if that egg is fertilized, it’s at least 13 more years before the resulting child is even close to some kind of physical or intellectual independence.

It’s a simple truth: If you’re going to keep your group’s numbers going and growing, then you must understand and/or control tightly the reproductive patterns of your group. Those reproductive patterns are completely dependent on the women in your group. Completely. Period.

Needless to say, muslim higher-ups have understood: The Western world, with its much more laissez-faire attitude toward people and how they live their lives, represents doom for Islam.

For Islam to survive, it must control women’s lives, whom they marry and when, what they believe, think, say and do, at all times. Their entire lives.

Islam is big in the Arab world, the cradle of mathematics. The muslims have understood the math.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “NPR Watch (3/9/16) – Why the Muslims Do It — Why They Oppress Women

  1. I’ve heard this before and while it’s true, scarcity, fear of what the math is telling you, has a whole lot to do with trying to control women and reproduction, there’s another issue too, power and the pecking order. People who feel as if they have no control over their own lives, tend to turn to someone smaller and weaker to provide them with a sense of control, of power over someone. So men often target women for abuse, and women then target children for abuse, and sometimes each other. It’s a pecking order of misappropriated power. So Muslim men have few opportunities to pursue their own power, they live in a regimented culture based on power and control, with few economic opportunities. To make it worse, they follow a religion that does not believe in grace, so the only way to please Allah is to do something that demonstrates your own power, your own will, externally over others. We see a similar thing happen in the US in the black community, among hispanics. Men who have no awareness of their own power inside, their role within the family and the culture, often turn towards violence, games of dominance and control.

    1. Such excellent and perspicacious observations, IB! Sometimes it’s little more than a question of who’s bigger (also a “math” issue, I might add 🙂 ).

      What you said below is, sadly, particularly on the mark — and important:

      To make it worse, they follow a religion that does not believe in grace, so the only way to please Allah is to do something that demonstrates your own power, your own will, externally over others

      Ironiaclly, the mark of the truly weakest is the resort to physical coercion or power. It demonstrates an inability to persuade through the power of ideas or thought. It states that the only advantage the one wielding power has is physical, which is, really, nothing more than luck of the draw. The power of the jungle.

      My father once said to me something that I’ve repeated to my 6’4″ tall 15-year old son: “You’re going to be a big man. You must also be a gentleman, and a gentle man.

      I fear that the opposite lesson — You’re going to be big, use it to be powerful — is what is increasingly taught to young boys in America today. It’s a sure thing that it’s the default lesson around the rest of the world.


      — x

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