The REAL Problem: The Media (Part II)

If the media were simply honest — not objective — just honest:

  1. There would be no Hillary Clinton candidacy
  2. There would be no Bernie Sanders candidacy
  3. Both would be private citizens; one might be in prison
  4. There would be multiple imprisonments for the IRS abuses, and those crimes would be known for what they are: the worst abuse of power in the history of American Presidential Administrations.
  5. Benghazi wouldn’t have happened because Hillary Clinton would not have been Secretary of State.
  6. There would have been no Obama candidacy in 2008. Not saying there would have been no Obama candidacy at all, just that the candidacy of a junior Senator with no accomplishments and having been in the Senate for a couple of years would have, rightly, been laughed out of the room for what it was: ridiculous.
  7. There would be no Donald Trump candidacy. The candidacy of a rich reality television show host would have been laughed out of the room.
  8. There would be no Cruz or Rubio candidacies, for the same reason as #6, above. All three: Obama, Cruz and Rubio would have had to establish some kind of longer-standing public record of accomplishment or leadership.(1)
  9. Without a Cruz, Rubio or Trump candidacy, there would be three outstanding Republican candidates in the race for the Presidency: Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal.
  10. Those three outstanding, accomplished, proven candidates would demonstrate what would be obvious: the real, intelligent, ideas come from the political right.
  11. Also: By far the strongest “bench” would be on the right. It’s possible we could be contemplating a real Renaissance for America, with the potential for some twenty years of outstanding Republican Presidential candidates. All while the Democrats are intellectually bankrupt.
  12. Those three outstanding Republican candidates —  Perry, Jindal, Walker — would face the weakest candidates imaginable from the Democrats. Why? After all, as mentioned above, there would be no Clinton or Sanders candidacy. Answer: Well, also as mentioned above, Sanders and Clinton are corrupt, stupid, easily beatable with plain talk. And they’re, let’s face it, the very best the Democrats have.
  13. This country would have a really good chance of avoiding catastrophe, instead of what we face now: a disaster in the form of Clinton or Sanders, and a crapshoot in the form of Trump.

— xPraetorius



(1) With all that said, my only choice this go-round is Cruz. Though, honesty compels me to admit that he’s a gamble.


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