NPR Watch (2/14/16)

Grotesque Racism at National Public Radio

Listening to NPR on the way in to work a couple of weeks ago, and I recorded some notes. It was an interview with Courtney B. Vance, hyper-wealthy actor, and card-carrying member of the Race Grievance Industry (RGI). This particular interview focused on Vance’s role as lawyer Johnnie Cochran in the television broadcast story of the O.J. Simpson trial.

The interview was a couple of weeks ago, but I was so busy then that I was unable to comment on it. It was, however, so striking that it stayed with me, and here are some thoughts on it.

In the interview (I forget who the interviewer was) Vance told explicitly of how the defense absolutely purposely played the race card to game the verdict, and that he, Vance, was absolutely fine with that, in fact, he applauded it.

Vance said that he was simply happy that a black guy (Johnnie Cochran) got another black guy off — for the bloody butchering of two people! — in America. Whether the guy was guilty or not!

Vance told of how the defense team said outright, in Judge Lance Ito’s chambers, that they were going to use “the race card.”

At this point, it’s probably a good idea to mention what “playing the race card” means.  It means that the person “playing the race card” intends to try to overwhelm all reason, truth, or facts, of any debate or trial, in a tsunami of unbeatable white guilt, regardless of what the facts actually indicate. 

Vance explicitly said that he didn’t care whether Simpson was guilty or not, and that it was more important to him that Simpson get off because he’s black. Period.


In other words, in the mind of a prominent black celebrity,  it’s perfectly okay if black murderers get away with murder —  as long as they kill white people.

Does anyone think that Vance would have been just fine with Simpson’s having butchered two black people?

Vance was thoroughly upset that O.J. had said, “I’m not black, I’m O.J.!” Vance immediately assumed that was a bad thing, and that O.J. was saying, therefore, that he’s white, and that being white is somehow better.

But, that’s not what Simpson had said. Simpson’s assertion was that he wasn’t black, or white, or any other race, but rather that he was “O.J.” The only possible assumption from that is that being O.J. was, at least in O.J.’s mind, more important to him than being black. That he had, just possibly, gone beyond being black, or white, or yellow, orange, purple … and was simply himself.

Vance needed O.J. to be his skin color, but apparently O.J. didn’t, and Vance couldn’t imagine that. In other words, Vance — like all race addicts — can’t get his limited intellect beyond race, simply to allow people to be what they want to be, or to be themselves.

O.J. Simpson’s statement that he’s just O.J. ought to be the black person’s dream! It says that O.J. found no unreasonable obstacles in America to his own success because of his race. But the race addicts can’t have that, because that would mean they’d have nothing to whine about. Remember what we’ve said numerous times (here for example):

… there is a very handsome living to be made whining about how terrible it is in America.

Wealthy actor Courtney B. Vance proves this to be  true, and  says he’s just fine with publicly admitting to being a racist and a fraud, and with skating along with fewer obstacles in his path due to his skin color. All while other people have to earn their successes. Furthermore, NPR’s interviewer didn’t push back in the slightest at this astonishing, grotesque admission.

To repeat: it’s perfectly okay with Courtney B. Vance if a black man butchers some number of white people and gets clean away with it, and National Public Radio(1) is in agreement.

There’s overwhelming evidence to indicate that O.J. got away with murder precisely because he’s black, and precisely because his victims were white.

Great. This is where the RGI has brought us.

There used to be discrimination against black people and minorities in America. The RGI’s and NPR’s solution? Rampant discrimination in favor of black people and minorities, along with rampant discrimination — up to and including turning a blind eye to murder — against the majority.

In the recent past, we used to call that “apartheid” and, as a nation, we were pretty ticked off about it. Why? We recognized it for what it was: evil.

— xPraetorius


(1) Your tax dollars and mine fund this bunch of racist, left-wing hack propagandists.



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