For The Conspiracy Theorist

If you really, truly wanted to bring the United States down, and reduce it to — best case — a shadow of its former greatness, or — worst case — rubble, then you could do one thing: somehow destroy the Republican Party.

It’s been known for generations that the Democrat Party — the long-time comfy, cozy home of the international, America-hating left — loathes everything the Founding Fathers stood for, and has been working hard to dismantle it all, and to remake America into something more like what we see in the Third World.

However, the Republicans have served as a speed bump in the Democrats’ and the left’s path. It’s why those on the left hate Republicans so much — even moderate ones — and it’s why it does seem plausible that a buffoon like Donald Trump is really nothing more than a Democrat party plant.

Not even close to a Conservative, Trump could hardly be called a Republican. Even setting aside his highly questionable, or at least highly elastic, stands on social issues, he has said nothing whatsoever that would lead anyone to think that he stands for the one true Core Value that Republicans have long held dear: A reduction in the size, scope and reach of the government.

All change — all change — that has come to pass in the past hundred years has served to increase central government power, to move the country to the left, with the right serving at best to delay those lurches. It’s not debatable that the country has been on a steady leftward march since its inception in 1776.

Even change that came from the right, and that was really good — the abolition of slavery, Civil Rights — resulted in so-called government remedies that increased the power of the central government.

Worse, all this change has produced what you and I see around us: Despair (look at the cities), decay, dependence, decadence, deterioration and a rapidly growing sense that our best days are long past, and that our children, and their children, will have only more of the same decline in their futures.

It’s common knowledge that the Democrats have been working to bring all that about for a very long time. But, it was thought that the Republicans stood for the opposite: for independence, hard work, basic freedoms — speech, worship, assembly, thought — for the ability to look around oneself and say, “Thank God, this is my land!”

It’s hard to look at Donald Trump, at Hillary Clinton, at Bernie Sanders and say other than that the core idea of the left — vast central power over the moment-to-moment minutiae of all our lives — has prevailed.

They’ll call it progress, but there’s no qualitative difference whatsoever between that and the kings, pharaohs, dictators, satraps, lords, monarchs, tsars and emperors of the near and distant past. We’ll add “President” to that list of high and mighty rulers who, far from serving us, rather they rule us, govern us, dominate, control, manipulate … own us.

The Republican Party — the last bastion of hope that maybe, just maybe, humanity could drag itself out of that age-old swamp of tyranny, poverty, enslavement, helplessness, hopelessness — appears to be self-destructing.

I don’t believe that Donald Trump’s a Democrat Party plant, just a charismatic moron and a buffoon. Finally, the Democrats will have opposite them every bit as much of an unprincipled idiot as their candidates are!

It’s a Democrat’s dream come true.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “For The Conspiracy Theorist

  1. Yup, the top presidential candidates are thoroughly flawed, with two out of the three hopelessly corrupt and power hungry and the third dragging out old and harmful socialist ideas as if they are “innovative” and new”. They are all statists and unabashedly running on this, but what’s most disturbing to me is what it says about our citizenry.

    The importance of freedom is lost on the majority of the republic, replaced by a desire to be controlled by an ever increasing federal government for the illusion of safety. I’m not sure where this leaves us going forward.

    1. I thoroughly agree, Tricia! I’m thrown by all this, and I don’t know where it’s going either.

      One thing I’m sure of: there used to be a political party — the Republicans — that was at least semi-serious, and one that was completely unserious, but whose unseriousness has long been treated by the Media/Academia/Pop Culture Complex as Deep Thought.

      It’s looking increasingly as if we now simply have two unserious political parties.

      I can’t imagine that can lead anywhere good. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.


      — x

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