Say It, Republicans! Call Hillary on Her Own Words!

Hillary Admits it: America is Broken. Will She Take Her Rightful Blame for it?

Hillary has a new message: “We don’t need to make America great again, we need to make America whole again.

Whether she would ever admit it or not, that’s a stunning indictment of the Obama Administration, in which she played a leading role, which — according to her own words — has broken America apart.

Look: all the changes in America in the past almost eight years — all of them — have been leftist changes. The list is long: Obamacare, Gay marriage, massive floods of illegal immigrants, shambles of a foreign policy, deficits through the stratosphere, higher poverty, non-recovery recovery, higher dependence on government services, and on and on and on and on and on… The Republicans have done little more than delay some of these things, or roll over like a docile mutt for others.

But Republicans — at least a little bit to their credit — were not part of the movement making the destructive changes.

So, Donald Trump is running around saying that we need to “make America great again,” implying that he blames Obama for America’s having lost her greatness.

Unbeknownst to her Hillariness, though, she has condemned her former boss and herself for having broken America. Hillary’s admission that America is broken is a stunning development; a massive condemnation of Obama’s and her own efforts in the past nearly eight years.

Say it, Republicans. Point it out. Call her on her own words.

Trump could, if he wished, point out the absurdity of her words. How could a country that’s no longer whole be great in any sense? In her own half-wittery, Hillary is admitting that Trump’s catch phrase is right!

More to the point, her catch phrase is saying that Trump’s catch phrase is right — at least in part — because of her.

Look, Hillary is a really dim bulb and a hyper-egomaniac. Dim-bulb egomaniacs surround themselves with even dimmer bulbs; that’s how they operate. No wonder her campaign came up with such a stupid catch phrase. A catch phrase teed up and ready to be mocked, derided and heaped over with scorn.

Do it, Republicans!  Do not let Donald Trump be the only one to figure out how Hillary has torpedoed herself linguistically here.

If you do, you’ll force her immediately to abandon the self-indicting catch phrase — or start spinning it. And then you can keep draping it, like a limp, soggy albatross, around the neck of her campaign for months.

Something like this: “She said America was broken, and in so saying admitted publicly that she helped do it. Now she’s trying to get away from her own words. Pathetic.”

Only Ted Cruz, the great lawyer, could deliver that kind of lawyerly pronouncement. But, man-oh-man could he deliver it!

Say it, Ted! Say it, Republicans!

— xPraetorius


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