The Depths To Which They’ve Sunk…

The Democrat Party is on the verge of nominating for the Presidency a corrupt, sleazy, old, harridan, who hasn’t had an original thought in her head since she and her unsavory husband slimed their way onto the public scene more than two generations ago.

And what’s the alternative? An amiable old coot who adheres to a reactionary thousand-year old ideology — all tarted up with pretty words, but really called: serfdom — that’s responsible for more death, destruction, misery, impoverishment and despair than any other single cause in the planet’s history.

Then these morons wrangle over which of them has the greater right to call himself “Progressive.”

Look at the first eight letters of that word. Do you consider it “progress” to revert 1,000 or more years, back to when everyone was “equal,” but everyone was enslaved? If that’s progress for you, well Bernie Sanders will bring you right quickly to that bright land you see, while Hillary will take a little more time to impoverish and dispossess you.

That’s how far the Democrat Party has sunk into moral, intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “The Depths To Which They’ve Sunk…

  1. There are many sound reasons to complain about Hillary Clinton, but the silly little thing that is driving me crazy is her new and improved “not shrill voice.” Uhg, I think those deep, masculine, restrained tones, are even more unpleasant then the outright shrieking. This new voice is just unnatural and creepy.

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