A Simple Truth

Truth #1:

If all those who don’t know enough about all the important issues of the day, were to live up to their obligations to be good citizens and not vote, the Democrat Party would lose its viability as a political party overnight.

Let’s try that more concisely:

Truth #1, restated:

If all those who are too ignorant to vote didn’t vote, the Democrat Party would lose its viability as a political party overnight.

— xPraetorius


(1) Because, let’s face it, there are many, many millions of registered voters who are so ignorant that they are morally, though not legally, unqualified to vote.


3 thoughts on “A Simple Truth

    1. So sad and so true.

      Not to be lost in the thick of all the sillinesses flying around us is the fact that in years gone by, the “educated” man knew that the earth was flat, that the sun revolved around the earth, that “humors” caused disease and a host of other things.

      If, in years gone by, the student had marked “B. The earth is round,” and “C. The earth revolves around the sun,” and “A. Small lifeforms cause many diseases.” on his quiz, the “educated” teacher would have marked him wrong on all accounts.

      So many things that people just know today, will be understood to be simplistic, face-palm nitwittery tomorrow. To be replaced by just another bunch of nonsense? One hopes not.

      Oh, how can you usually tell what’s nonsense and what’s likely not? Simple. What “truths” are guarded with religious, dogmatic zeal today? About what truths can you simply not dissent without endangering career, social standing, political viability, potentially life and limb?

      You and I know the answer: all the left-wing, politically correct pieties of today: environmentalism, feminism, race grievance, poverty grievance, abortion, (soon-to-be) euthanasia…

      The inability of the supporters of the gaggle of politically correct pieties to support and defend them rationally, exposes them as today’s scams and frauds, today’s crackpottery. The same as yesterday’s flat-earth-ism, and geocentrism.


      — x

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