Well, yeah. Yes, you do…

Susan Sarandon or some such famous half-wit, who never did any meaningful work, or produced anything of lasting value in her life, said recently, “I don’t vote with my vagina.(1)

Ummmmm… Well, yes. Yes, you do.

Almost all feminists do. They vote, think, do and say everything in function of what’s between their legs.

Apologies for the crudeness, but it’s often best just to be direct.

— xPraetorius


(1) This post represents two milestones in the life of this blog: #1: The arrival back on the scene of “Shorts,” quick, punchy pieces designed to duck in, make a quick point or two, then duck back out, and #2: The first time we’ve used the word “vagina” in these pages, either in the text or the tags.


5 thoughts on “Well, yeah. Yes, you do…

        1. Me too… it’s why I held out for so long. However, a quote is a quote is a quote, and that was the quote.

          To your point: there really ought to be much about the human person that we simply view as off limits, as sacred.

          We live in an increasingly crude world where it’s seen as cool and edgy to be crude, rather than what it really is: stupid and lazy. I find that sad.


          — x

  1. I began to catch on when they started dressing up as giant pink lady bits and dancing in protests. Than there was the woman politician who wore a hand crocheted uterus on her head so everyone would know what she stood for…. 😉

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