Another Difference Between the Left and the Right


  • The Left thinks that fairness means everyone’s equally rich.
  • The Right thinks that fairness means establishing a system with the fewest obstacles in the path of anyone trying to become rich.

What does that mean? Well, think of the old saw: “If everyone’s special, then no one’s special.”

True, right?

Well, likewise, if everyone’s rich, then no one’s rich.

The Left knows that, and they understand that their policies will bring about greater equality — which is how they define “fairness” — by bringing about greater poverty.

The right suggests that the way to real fairness is by getting out of the way of people bringing about greater prosperity.

Bottom line:

  • The left always brings about greater poverty.
  • The right always brings about greater prosperity.

Take your pick.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “Another Difference Between the Left and the Right

  1. Well said. In the midst of Bernie-ville, there is much talk about a guaranteed annual wage, so we can all have a basic income, because that would be “fair.” It is not fair however, to drive up the cost of goods and housing, to increase unemployment, to raise taxes, to create more poverty for everyone. Sure, we’ll all have this basic income, but it won’t provide for any of our needs. You don;t solve poverty by making everybody poor just like you don’t cure sickness by making everybody sick.

    1. Well said, IB! If only someone would teach some really basic economic truths.

      Like for example: raising the minimum wage to $15.

      Okay, after the massive layoffs, what then?

      Well, how about those more skilled workers now making $15/hour? Think they might feel a bit put out?

      After they make their demands, get their layoffs and the dust settles a bit, how about the ones making $22/Hour? Oops? Now they’re ticked off!

      And each time these groups make their displeasure known, and they take their layoffs, they pass their discontent up the income ladder.
      More layoffs, more economic dislocation, more price hikes, etc.

      In a short time, the exact same income strata are back in place — just different numbers — and now that prices are a lot higher, $15/hour doesn’t look all that good.

      And all the economic wreckage had to happen to get right back to where it all was in the first place.

      It’s a simple exercise, but no one seems ready, willing or able to do it — ‘cept us pore lil’ ol’ know-nuthin’ bloggers here on the right!


      — x

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