A Good, Decent, Brilliant Man Passes (Part IV)

Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia Passes Away at Age 79


Here’s the DrudgeReport headline: “‘Massive Setback For Conservative Movement’…

Never mind that it comes from a tweet by Donald Trump, it’s possible that it’s true.

If so, it’s a strong indictment of how we in the Conservative Movement are doing what we’re doing.

Our movement is deep and wide. We Conservatives own mainstream thought, and our roots go deeply into all that is America. Our roots are so deep that in those rare moments when American leftists display a nugget of honesty, they acknowledge that it is we, we Conservatives, who have allowed them to be what they are, and to do what they do.

How on earth does the fate of the dominant intellectual movement of our time and of our country hang on the presence of one man? Granted a great, great man, but one man!

It also underscores what we’ve said time and time and time and time again: We have to stop being polite, and turn into the barroom brawlers that the left have always been.

When you state, honestly, any position that the left holds, the American public overwhelmingly rejects them, siding instead with a position well to the right of what the left wants. Maybe they don’t get exactly to where we want them to be, but it’s a lot closer to our position.

What positions, you say? Some examples:

  • Abortion
  • Immigration
  • Affirmative Action
  • Police and policing
  • Taxation
  • Education
  • Gay Marriage

… for just a few.

Yet, the American people continue to put into power people who hold the hard-left position.

Again: we have to take off the gloves. We have to tell the naked, unvarnished truth about the positions of the left. They cause damage. I’ve said: whenever the left chooses a position, someone ends up dead, and it’s true.

When the left lies, as they do habitually, call it that. No mincing words. No, “well, that’s misleading,” or “that’s just disingenuous,” or “well, he and I disagree.


The left lies. Point it out. Say it. Don’t hold back. Tell it as it is. Make. It. Known.

Why? It’s true. Why do we shy away from saying the truth? Are we worried about hurting the left’s feelings? They’re not worried about hurting ours. They routinely slander, libel, bludgeon and bully us, and those who are congenial to our points of view. Why should we worry about their feelings?

— xPraetorius


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