Super Bowl 50 – Just A Weird Game!

Just some observations:

  • Cam Newton played as if he was ill, or hadn’t slept at all for a while.
  • He looked pained to be there.
  • There was some guy or lady making a high-ish-pitched noise throughout the game. Kind of a high, loud, long protracted “hoooooooooooooo” sound. On and off, the entire game. Not sure what it was, but it was plenty annoying.
  • One of the strangest games I’ve ever seen. It didn’t appear as though anyone wanted it. Very lackluster performance by both teams.
  • The half-time show was just downright bizarre. My son and I were watching it, and we both turned to each other and said, “Can you hear it?” We could barely hear it, and the volume on our nice, modern, big-screen television was up plenty loud.
  • With whatever production problems they were having, so that the whole thing was barely audible, the “dancing” looked more like “synchronized spasming.” My 15-year old son and I found it quite funny.
  • That’s what modern “dance” is. You could watch Fred and Ginger dance with the sound off, and it would be just as exquisite. But if you turn the sound off with modern dance, the dancers look as if they’re experiencing serious health issues.
  • I was very glad to hear Peyton Manning say — twice! — that he was going to “say a little prayer to thank the man upstairs.” Very admirable humility! Great perspective! All good things are gifts from God! Nice to hear someone — who didn’t have to — acknowledge it.
  • The Bud Light commercial with Amy Schumer and some other white trash clodpole, was really stupid. “Big caucus…and further elaboration” haw haw haw. Morons. It’s sad when dumb, white trash makes it big. That one word — trash — is, of course, a good summation for the vast majority of pop culture in America today.
  • The rest of the commercials were just ho hum. At best. No standouts, but just a big feeling of they all really tried way too hard, and it showed. Very high on the preachy. I guess that’s a sign of the times: people all trying to say loudly and conspicuously, “Look at just how good I am! And look at just how much I care!” Greatness — at least in commercials — is supposed to appear completely effortless … like the Mean Joe Greene commercial.

— xPraetorius


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