NPR Watch (2/1/16)

I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) this morning on the way to work(1). It was their morning fake news program called “Morning Edition

The teaser to the story I’m going to talk about was, “Today we speak to a muslim imam who finds it exhausting to have to defend his faith all the time.


My first thought was: “Well, the rest of the world finds it exhausting to have to clean up the bodies and wreckage from the regular atrocities committed by followers of his faith.” However, I was prepared to listen to the interview itself to see whether NPR actually would conduct a decent, thorough interview.

In that interview, they would have to ask at least the following questions:

There is something in Islam that fanatics are using as a justification to murder innocent people. What passages in the Koran, or other writings are they using? And, what argument are they making based on these writings?

Next question:

What do you say is how these fanatics are getting Islam’s teachings wrong?

Next question:

Millions around the world are either actually participating in Islam-based terrorist activities (name off various groups here: Al Qaeda, Boka Haram, ISIS, Al Nusrah, Hamas, Al Aqsa, etc.), or support those who are. There are no such bloodthirsty hordes in any other religion. Doesn’t this alone stand as a powerful indictment of Islam itself? And, if not, why?

So, I listened to the interview, hoping to hear the only questions to this imam that would actually count. Did I hear them? Nope.

The interviewer, the execrable David Greene, asked only a bunch of “How does this make you feel?“- type questions. You know: “What does this say about this country?“-type useless garbage.

Of course NPR’s interviewer would ask question tailored to produce accusations against America! As opposed, that is, to a question that would actually elicit potentially important information.

Before Greene conducted the interview, he had spoken with a potential voter in Iowa, and asked him whether he would support keeping muslims out of the country for a period of time. The voter said, in summary: yes and no, but that he understood the impulse. Then the voter said that if a bunch of blonde-haired guys ran around the country killing people, he’d recognize that there was a problem there, and he’d be wary of blonde-haired guys. Perfectly logical, commonsensical, simple response. Greene, moron that he is, acted as though the thought was a blindingly new revelation to him. He called this basic answer, “a powerful voice.

Greene then mentioned that snippet of conversation to the imam. The imam responded that there have been some 300 mass shootings (wildly exaggerated, but let’s go with it) in the last year or so, and only one or two in any way associated with Islam or jihadis.

Greene dropped the ball again. That statistic is a perfectly meaningless red herring. Everyone knows there’s simply no mass movement of people like Adam Lanza (the Newtown, CT shooter) or James Holmes (the Colorado theater shooter), or Jared Loughner (Arizona) whose desire is to kill Americans.(2)

There is, however, a mass movement of at least hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people explicitly identifying themselves as muslims whose frequently- and publicly-expressed, explicit desire is to kill Americans. Lots of Americans.

Greene should have shot that right back at the imam and said, “What do you say about that?” However, NPR is not capable of asking penetrating questions, because they already assume a bunch of really stupid things, such as there is some vast wave of anti-Islamic backlash going on in America. Hence, they would approach all interviews with those basic, erroneous, assumptions. It would never even occur to them — because they, like all the American left, are intellectually lazy — to test their assumptions.

NPR — as a mouthpiece of the American left — never, ever fails, when America is attacked, to accuse the victims of the attack. Never.

— xPraetorius


(1) My standard introduction. I don’t have what you and I would consider a “standard commute” into work.

(2) As a blonde-haired guy, I can tell you there’s no mass movement of blonde-haired guys to commit murder and mayhem either.


3 thoughts on “NPR Watch (2/1/16)

  1. Do you follow Bosch Fawstin, the brilliant cartoonist of the winning “Draw Mohammed” cartoon in Texas last year?

    He has an interesting perspective. Like you, he suggests that the prevalence of violence in (or from) the Muslim world may represent not only an indictment of some subset of extremist Islam, but an indictment of the religion of Islam itself. His perspective also happens to be that of an ex-Muslim.

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