Let’s Be Crystal Clear About Hillary Clinton

In these posts, here and here, we gave the real, ugly, unvarnished low-down on socialist candidate for President Bernie Sanders. And we suggested that all the Republican candidates should hammer these points home — points with which, by the way, I know they all agree — in every stump speech they give.

Kind of a “Plain Talk Express“-type of thing.

We should do the same thing for Hillary. I mean, it’s only fair, right? If, for some truly bizarre reason, she’s not spending her next few years in federal prison, then it’s important to point out that she should be.

Something like:

Let’s face it: Any Republican candidate for anything, who’d done what she’s done, would’ve been in jail a long time ago.

Ted Cruz could deliver that (accurate) line with the right feeling and punch.


How is Hillary still walking around free today? Are there no people with integrity left in the Justice Department?

That’s a line tailor-made for Trump; though, again, Cruz could deliver it perfectly. So could Rubio.

How about:

The record of corruption of Hillary and her husband, their “foundation” and their entourage, is enough to make Richard Nixon, or Barack Obama, look like a Cub Scout.

That’s Cruz’s line to deliver. Rubio could pull it off too. Obviously, so could Trump.

It’s very, very long past time we on the political right started to punch, as opposed to merely parrying.

— xPraetorius




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