Let’s Be Crystal Clear About Bernie Sanders

Anyone who calls himself a socialist is either (1) profoundly stupid, or (2) profoundly ignorant, or (3) profoundly evil, or (4) some combination of all of the above.

Bernie Sanders makes no bones about it. Hitler (all of the above) was just as honest about his lunacy.

This morning, Tucker Carlson, observing and reporting on the Iowa Caucuses, said, as we have many, many, many times before: Socialists murdered more people in the last century than adherents to any other philosophy in human history.(1) (rough quote)

It’s important to understand this about Sanders, because after Hillary receives her well-deserved indictment, he will be the leading candidate to win the Democrat Party’s nomination to run for President this year.

Between you and me, with the candidates that the Dems have presented so far in recent years, Sanders is the logical choice anyway.

Al Gore (2000) was and is a hard-leftist, capitalism-hating, environmentalist nutjob and zealot. John Kerry (2004) was and is a hard-leftist, America-hating, intellectual lightweight nutjob. Barack Obama (2008, 2012) is a hard-leftist, empty suit, America-hating, nutjob.

Are you catching a theme here? Yep. You have to be a hard-leftist and some kind of nutjob or other, to be the Democrat Party nominee to run for the Presidency.

Yes, yes, yes, I know. Hillary is a hard-leftist, feminist, corrupt nutjob, but you would be hard-pressed to surpass Bernie Sanders for hard-leftist-ness and nutjobbery.

The Democrat Party has lurched so far to the left that it has long bypassed the merely crazy-left Hillary, and really wants the psychotic, eye-bulging, spittle-flecked, slack-jawed, drooling, knuckle-dragging, reactionary, ready-for-the-asylum Bernie Sanders. If they don’t get him this time, they’ll present some nutball like him at the next go-round.

Don’t bet against me on that one!

— xPraetorius



(1) It should be noted that Carlson was absolutely correct, if a bit incomplete. With a death toll of at least 120 million in the past century, Socialism’s body count far surpasses any other human-caused death toll by orders of magnitude.  You wouldn’t be able to get to Socialism’s Twentieth Century death toll by adding up all the other wars in human history together. The only things that come close are things like the Black Death plague, that cut down about a third of the entire European population in the Middle Ages.

I guess you could call socialism “The Red Death.” Socialism’s favorite color is, logically enough, blood red. Edgar Allan Poe’s story “The Masque of the Red Death” could be seen as a prescient depiction of the spread of socialism across the glove in the Twentieth Century.


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