Let’s Be Crystal Clear About Bernie Sanders (Part II)

In this post here, we said that:

Anyone who calls himself a socialist is either (1) profoundly stupid, or (2) profoundly ignorant, or (3) profoundly evil, or (4) some combination of all of the above

Those are not good things. Okay?

There is not a good way to be a socialist. Not with the history that Socialism has in the world.

It has a record. A record of death, impoverishment, destruction, superstition, and human wreckage on a monstrous scale.

It bears repeating: there simply  is no good way to be a socialist in the world today.

If we on the right don’t hammer home this point over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, then we are being profoundly irresponsible.

This drives me crazy. Bernie Sanders is not a legitimate candidate for freakin’ dog catcher, much less for the Presidency. Why on earth are the Republicans afraid to say it?!?

Marco Rubio came tantalizingly close in the debate a couple of days ago, when he said that Sanders “would be a good candidate for President — of Sweden.”

Close. Getting there. But wrong.

Sanders is a “good candidate” for President … of freakin’ NOWHERE! I have no wish to inflict someone so unspeakably stupid(1) that he says he’s a socialist on anyone in the world anywhere. Ever.

We know what Socialism does! It has (as I might have mentioned) a well-documented record. It kills, and maims, and mauls, and destroys, and impoverishes, and starves, and destroys, and tortures, and squashes … people.

If you’re all about killing, and maiming, and mauling, and destroying, and impoverishing, and starving, and destroying, and torturing, and squashing people, then you’re a Bernie Sanders kind of voter.

Republican candidates for President: Say it. Freakin’ say it!

Over and over and over and over and over and over again.

— xPraetorius


(1) …or ignorant, or evil, or any combination of stupid, ignorant or evil.


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