The One Moment in the Debate

You’ll always see greater substance, intelligence, imagination, more dynamismin a Republican debate, than you will in a Democrat debate. Still, they are turgid affairs!

However, did you catch the one moment of brilliance, the one moment of transcendent, blinding, enlightened and enlightening brilliance?

It was when, I think, Megyn Kelly addressed a question to someone who had made a campaign commitment to “reaching across the aisle to get things done.”

You who’ve been following this blog for some time now, here’s a question: what have we been saying for months and months and months and months? Since the very formation of the blog all the way back in 2011?


It’s not important to “get things done.” It’s vital to get the right things done. To get actually good things done.

Anyone can “get things done.” Hitler “got things done.” Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot — all “got things done.” Hundreds of millions died, were impoverished, or had their lives, and their families’ lives, utterly ruined when these go-getters “got things done.”

More to the point for today: Barack Obama has “gotten things done,” and as a result, the greatest, freest, most dynamic, prosperous country history has ever seen, the gleaming hope that billions around the world look to as proof that good things can happen for people, in contrast to their daily lives — is on the brink of slipping into — at best: doddering decrepitude. At worst: Third-world, banana republic tyranny.

In one of her questions, Megyn Kelly said to one of the debaters last night almost exactly what we’ve been saying for so long. She said something like: “Many Republican and Conservative voters are less concerned about ‘getting things done,’ than they are about getting the right things done.

Brava, Megyn!

Now, can we all please, please, please start saying that over and over and over and over again? After all, it’s the media who are constantly bemoaning a “Do-nothing” Congress or a “Do-nothing” Administration, as if that’s a bad thing. It’s not.

The real truth: A “Do-nothing” Congress or a “Do-nothing” Administration is vastly superior to a “Do-the-Wrong-Thing” Congress or Administration.(1)

Apparently, Megyn got it. And she’s a prominent member of the media. Maybe the rest of the media will get it too. They will, if we the people force them to hear us, and if we the people tell the media and the candidates: all that counts is that you do the right thing.

If only Barack Obama had spent his entire time golfing, and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi had spent their entire tenure atop Congress twiddling their thumbs. The country would be immeasurably better off now. Why? Well, because they “got things done.” All stupid, wrong, idiotic, addle-pated, moronic things, but things all the same.

As a country, we’re all the poorer, weaker, more enfeebled and nearly exhausted as a result of their “success.”

— xPraetorius


(1) – This is where the real, the hard work of being a statesman or a politician is. It’s what separates great leaders from those who merely hold power. The ability to discern clearly the right thing is a rare ability indeed. Who’s demonstrated it? Churchill. And Reagan. George W. Bush? Possibly. Margaret Thatcher certainly. Surely there are more. Calvin Coolidge springs to mind. I believe he was the one who said something (also of transcendent wisdom) like: “Don’t just do something, stand there!” It’s vital that this concept — the idea of doing the right thing as opposed to just doing something — make its way into our political discourse. That it dominate our political discourse, and that we Conservatives put our full intellectual weight behind determining what becomes the right thing in the public’s mind.



10 thoughts on “The One Moment in the Debate

  1. It needs to be said often, because I think people (liberals) absolutely don’t see it: Trump is THE SAME AS all Dem candidates. Trump= Sanders = Hillary.
    When you’ve got the right designation (D) by your name, those qualities are good, and when you have the wrong one (R), those qualities are psychotic and buffoonish. But they are exactly the same qualities.

    1. Thanks so much, MB! I was so hoping that I wasn’t the only one to have seen it. I appreciate that you’ve also drawn the conclusion that I wish I’d drawn! 🙂

      If you don’ mind, I’m going to take your conclusion and put it into its own blog post. It’s a great distillation.


      — x

        1. Many thanks! It’s on the way.

          As is my more than occasional wont, I’ve expanded it beyond it’s originally-envisioned scope, so I might have to do a more condensed follow-up. ** sigh **



          — x

  2. OOps…I think I somehow commented here when I meant to comment on your last post “…Hard Talk..”. I don’t know how I did that. Sorry…it really belongs where you referencing just the same issue as my comment.

    1. I didn’t cover it nearly as neatly and concisely as you have here! 🙂

      It is, however, an excellent point that needs to be made.

      And, I haven’t mentioned age yet, but that’s in the hopper for a later post.

      The theme: Hillary is the same age as Reagan was, when the press were all over candidate Reagan’s age.

      Sanders is a lot older than Reagan was. Trump is older. Has anyone mentioned age yet? At all?

      Your point is essential. There are very few candidates (two of whom have left the race – Rick Perry and Scott Walker) who would actually roll back the Obama tenure.

      The sad reality is that the next President’s sacred duty will be to protect America from existential threats, while he or she rolls back the Obama disaster.

      If he or she doesn’t, Obama’s sludge will harden, become encrusted on the American landscape, and, absent some huge upheaval, be impossible to get rid of.

      At that point, I’m not sure this country can recover from all that.


      — x

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